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Chad in Africa

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Lichfield Cathedral OP08956 Featured Chad Print

Lichfield Cathedral OP08956

Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Chad, Lichfield, Staffordshire, c 1860. Francis Bedford (1816-??94), albumen print. Francis Bedford'??s photograph, published by Thompson & Co, shows the west front of Lichfield Cathedral. General views of cathedrals and photographs of their architectural details had been popular subjects for pioneer photographers, and they continued to attract attention as the mass market in photography developed. Lichfield Cathedral, one of the smallest in England, had been severely damaged during the Civil War. Significant restoration had been undertaken in the 17th and 18th centuries, and Bedford'??s view was taken before the west window (between the towers) was remodelled in the late 1860s during Sir George Gilbert Scott'??s restoration of 1856-??78

© Historic England

20075253 Featured Chad Print


SUDAN South Darfur Farming Masalit women winnowing millet. The Masalit people primarily make their living through agriculture. Non-arab people living in most remote areas of Sudan and Chad. Independant own language practice Islam

© Sarah Errington eye ubiquitous / hutchison

Africa, Agriculture, Ethnic, People, Work

Wolverhampton WV14 9 Map Featured Chad Print

Wolverhampton WV14 9 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Wolverhampton WV14 9

A4123, A463, Abney Drive, Acacia Drive, Anchor Lane, Anchor Road, Andersleigh Drive, Avenue Road, B4483, Babors Field, Baker Avenue, Balking Close, Bancroft Close, Bank Street, Barnes Meadow Place, Bayer Street, Bayliss Avenue, Beach Avenue, Beacon Street, Beddow Avenue, Beechfield Grove, Bellevue Street, Berrington Drive, Biddings Lane, Birmingham New Road, Bond Street, Bourne Street, Bramford, Branfield Close, Breen Rydding Drive, Bridgewater Drive, Brocton Close, Bronwen Road, Brough Close, Butterworth Close, Caddick Street, Canal Street, Capponfield Close, Castle Street, Catherine Road, Cedar Avenue, Chad Road, Cherrywood Close, Childs Avenue, Cinder Hill, Clapgate Gardens, Clare Crescent, Clayton Road, Clifton Street, Coppice Road, Corfe Road, Coseley, Coseley Hall Drive, Crowesbridge Mews, Dalwood Close, Darby Close, Dawson Avenue, Deepfields, Denise Drive, Dunsfold Close, Ebenezer Street, Ellenvale Close, Elmdale Road, Elmley Close, Ettingshall Road, Evans Street, Evergreen Close, Falcon Crescent, Fern Close, Finney Well Close, Flamborough Way, Flaxen Field, Flowerdale Close, Foster Avenue, Fozdar Crescent, Fullwoods End, Glenfern Road, Gorge Road, Grange Road, Green Street, Greenoak Crescent, Groucutt Street, Hackett Close, Hall Grove, Hall Lane, Hampton Street, Hartland Avenue, Harvington Road, Havacre Lane, Hayward Street, Henne Drive, Hessian Close, High View, Hinchliffe Avenue, Hockley Road, Hollywell Street, Hopyard Gardens, Horace Street, Hospital Lane, Hurst Hill, Hurst Road, Ivyhouse Lane, Jack Holden Avenue, Jevon Street, Johnson Street, Kempsons Grove, Kenelm Road, Kimberley Place, King Street, Kipling Avenue, Kossuth Road, Langley Avenue, Lansdowne Close, Lime Road, Lime Street, Maple Close, Mars Close, Masefield Avenue, Maslin Drive, Mason Street, Meadow Lane, Millard Road, Miller Crescent, Mitchell Avenue, Mobberley Road, Moss Gardens, Mount Pleasant Street, Mount Road, Nally Drive, Nicholds Close, Oak Street, Old End Lane, Oldfield Road, Overfield Drive, Paget Close, Parkes Lane, Paul Street, Penwood Gardens, Pickrell Road, Pointon Close, Porthouse Grove, Portland Place, Prestons Row, Priory Field Close, Providence Row, Pugh Road, Queens Crescent, Quilter Close, Rifle Street, Robert Wynd, Rock Road, Rookery Road, Rosalind Avenue, Roseville, Rowan Crescent, Ruskin Avenue, Sangwin Road, School Drive, School Street, School Street West, Shaw Road, Sheaves Close, Sherwin Avenue, Sidcup Close, Smith Close, Smout Crescent, Somerford Way, Spring Vale, Spring Vale Close, St Marys Close, Stonedown Close, Stowmans Close, Strathern Drive, Stretton Place, Summerhouse Road, Swan Village, Swann Road, The Coppice, Timmis Close, Tunnel Street, Turls Hill Road, Turner Avenue, Turtons Croft, Upper Ettingshall, Upper Ettingshall Road, Vicarage Road, Waddell Close, Walling Croft, Ward Street, Wathan Avenue, Watson Road, Watton Close, Wellesbourne Drive, West Coseley, Wilson Road, Wolverhampton, Woodcross, Woodcross Lane, Woodcross Street, Wv14, Wv14 9aa, Wv14 9ab, Wv14 9ad, Wv14 9ae, Wv14 9af, Wv14 9ag, Wv14 9ah, Wv14 9aj, Wv14 9al, Wv14 9an, Wv14 9ap, Wv14 9aq, Wv14 9ar, Wv14 9at, Wv14 9au, Wv14 9aw, Wv14 9ax, Wv14 9ay, Wv14 9az, Wv14 9ba, Wv14 9bb, Wv14 9bd, Wv14 9be, Wv14 9bg, Wv14 9bh, Wv14 9bj, Wv14 9bl, Wv14 9bn, Wv14 9bp, Wv14 9bq, Wv14 9bs, Wv14 9bt, Wv14 9bu, Wv14 9bw, Wv14 9bx, Wv14 9by, Wv14 9dd, Wv14 9de, Wv14 9dh, Wv14 9dj, Wv14 9dn, Wv14 9dp, Wv14 9dq, Wv14 9ds, Wv14 9dw, Wv14 9ea, Wv14 9ed, Wv14 9ee, Wv14 9ef, Wv14 9eg, Wv14 9eh, Wv14 9ej, Wv14 9el, Wv14 9en, Wv14 9ep, Wv14 9eq, Wv14 9er, Wv14 9es, Wv14 9et, Wv14 9eu, Wv14 9ew, Wv14 9ex, Wv14 9ey, Wv14 9ez, Wv14 9ha, Wv14 9hb, Wv14 9he, Wv14 9hf, Wv14 9hg, Wv14 9hh, Wv14 9hj, Wv14 9hl, Wv14 9hn, Wv14 9hp, Wv14 9hq, Wv14 9hr, Wv14 9hs, Wv14 9ht, Wv14 9hu, Wv14 9hw, Wv14 9hx, Wv14 9hy, Wv14 9hz, Wv14 9ja, Wv14 9jb, Wv14 9jd, Wv14 9je, Wv14 9jf, Wv14 9jg, Wv14 9jh, Wv14 9jj, Wv14 9jl, Wv14 9jn, Wv14 9jp, Wv14 9jq, Wv14 9jr, Wv14 9js, Wv14 9jt, Wv14 9ju, Wv14 9jw, Wv14 9jx, Wv14 9jy, Wv14 9jz, Wv14 9la, Wv14 9le, Wv14 9lf, Wv14 9lg, Wv14 9lh, Wv14 9lj, Wv14 9ll, Wv14 9lp, Wv14 9lq, Wv14 9lt, Wv14 9lw, Wv14 9ly, Wv14 9na, Wv14 9ne, Wv14 9nj, Wv14 9nn, Wv14 9np, Wv14 9nq, Wv14 9ns, Wv14 9nt, Wv14 9nu, Wv14 9nx, Wv14 9ny, Wv14 9nz, Wv14 9pa, Wv14 9ph, Wv14 9pj, Wv14 9pl, Wv14 9pn, Wv14 9pp, Wv14 9pq, Wv14 9pr, Wv14 9pt, Wv14 9pu, Wv14 9pw, Wv14 9px, Wv14 9qa, Wv14 9qb, Wv14 9qe, Wv14 9qf, Wv14 9qg, Wv14 9qh, Wv14 9qj, Wv14 9ql, Wv14 9qn, Wv14 9qp, Wv14 9qq, Wv14 9qr, Wv14 9qs, Wv14 9qt, Wv14 9qu, Wv14 9qw, Wv14 9qy, Wv14 9qz, Wv14 9rb, Wv14 9rh, Wv14 9rj, Wv14 9rl, Wv14 9rn, Wv14 9rp, Wv14 9rq, Wv14 9rr, Wv14 9rs, Wv14 9rt, Wv14 9ru, Wv14 9rx, Wv14 9ry, Wv14 9rz, Wv14 9sa, Wv14 9sb, Wv14 9sd, Wv14 9se, Wv14 9sf, Wv14 9sg, Wv14 9sh, Wv14 9sj, Wv14 9sl, Wv14 9sq, Wv14 9sy, Wv14 9sz, Wv14 9ta, Wv14 9tb, Wv14 9td, Wv14 9te, Wv14 9tf, Wv14 9tg, Wv14 9th, Wv14 9tj, Wv14 9tl, Wv14 9tn, Wv14 9tp, Wv14 9tq, Wv14 9tr, Wv14 9ts, Wv14 9tt, Wv14 9tu, Wv14 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