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Images Dated 2nd April 2004

Choose from 93 pictures in our Images Dated 2nd April 2004 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

A burning street after the San Francisco earthquake Featured 2 Apr 2004 Image

A burning street after the San Francisco earthquake

A burning street in San Francisco, a few men try to reach their offices to salvage what they can. The San Francisco earthquake occurred on the 18th April 1906 and measured 7.9 on the Richter scale. A violent shaking lasted for 45 seconds and could be felt from Southern Oregon to Southern Los Angeles. Three thousand people lost their lives with destruction to property amounting to $400 million

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Brachiopod fossil shell Featured 2 Apr 2004 Image

Brachiopod fossil shell

Brachiopod fossil shell from the 500 million-year- old Burgess Shale rock. This shell is a Micromitra burgessensis shell. This animal was a brachiopod, a marine invertebrate inhabiting a bivalve shell, similar to today's marine molluscs. The structure of brachiopod bodies were different, but they are generally still classified with the molluscs. They were common between 590 and 65 million years ago, but only a few species survive today. The Burgess Shale rocks, found in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, were formed by avalanches of fine mud that preserved soft tissue details rarely found in the fossil record. They also recorded the Cambrian Explosion, a variety of newly evolved body shapes


TEM of a chloroplast from a pea plant Featured 2 Apr 2004 Image

TEM of a chloroplast from a pea plant

False colour transmisson electron micrograph of a chloroplast in the leaf of a pea plant Pisum sativum. The chloroplast is the site of photosyn- thesis; a process by which plants obtain carbohyd- rates from carbon dioxide, using the energy from sunlight.The contents of the chloroplast are bound together by a double membrane.Internally, chlorop- lasts consists of stacks of flattened membranes called grana (black thread-like) suspended in a matrix of hydrophilic proteins. The grana contain the chlorophyll pigments & are the sites of light reactions during photosynthesis. The large white oval is a starch body, a photosynthesis product. Mag: X70, 000 at 10x8 inch, X10, 000 at 35mm size. Colorvir: Yellow/ lime green