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Carrier Pigeon poster Featured Swifts Print

Carrier Pigeon poster

Poster warning people of the dangers of shooting carrier pigeons who may be carrying life or death messages. Carrier pigeons, we are told, are a vital part of RAF, Army and Navy signal service and fly swift and sure on a straight course. Wood pigeons, on the other hand, are pests and destroyers of crops, erratic in flight and crafty. Date: 1940s

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Lesser Swallow Tailed Swift Featured Swifts Print

Lesser Swallow Tailed Swift

944868560, Accipiter Nisus, Acrocephalus Arundinaceus, Acrocephalus Schoenobaenu, Acrocephalus Scirpaceus, Aegithalos Caudatus, Alauda Arvensis, Alcedo Ispida, Alpine Chough, Animal, Animal Wildlife, Anthus Pratensis, Anthus Trivialis, Apus Apus, Aquila Chrysaetos, Asio Otus, Astur Palumbarius, Barn Swallow, Bearded Reedling, Bird, Black Woodpecker, Blackcap, Blue Tit, Bluethroat, Brown, Brown Ow, Bubo Bubo, Caprimulgus Europaeus, Cerchneis Tinnuncula, Certhia Familiaris, Circus Cyaneus, Colaeus Monedula, Coracias Garrulus, Corvus Corax, Crested Tit, Cuckoo, Cyanistes Caeruleus, Delichon Urbicum, Dryobates Minor, Dryocopus Martius, Dunnock, Eagle, Egg, Erithacus Rubeculus, Falco Peregrinus, Ficedula Hypoleuca, Fieldfare, Firecrest, Garrulus Glandarius, Glaucidium Passerinum, Goldcrest, Golden Eagle, Golden Oriole, Goshawk, Great Grey Shrike, Great Reed Warbler, Great Tit, Hen Harrier, Hirundo Rustica, Honey Buzzard, Hoopoe, House Martin, Jackdaw, Jay, Jynx Torquilla, Kestrel, Kingfisher, Lanius Collurio, Lanius Excubitor, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Long Tailed Tit, Luscinia Megarhynchos, Luscinia Svecica, Magpie, Marsh Tit, Meadow Pipit, Merops Apiaster, Milvus Milvu, Mistle Thrush, Monticola Saxatilis, Motacilla Alba, Motacilla Flava, Muscicapa Parva, Muscicapa Striata, Nightingale, Nightjar, Nuthatch, Oenanthe Oenanthe, Oriolus Oriolus, Orphean Warbler, Osprey, Otus Scops, Owl, Pandion Haliaetus, Panurus Biarmicus, Parus Cristatus, Parus Major, Penduline Tit, Peregrine Falcon, Pernis Apivorus, Phylloscopus Rufus, Phylloscopus Sibilatrix, Pica Pica, Pied Flycatcher, Poecile Palustris, Prunella Modularis, Pygmy Owl, Pyrrhocorax Graculus, Raven, Red Breasted Flycatcher, Red Kite, Reed Warbler, Regulus Ignicapilla, Regulus Regulus, Remiz Pendulinus, Riparia Riparia, Robin, Rock Thrush, Roller, Sand Martin, Saxicola Rubetra, Saxicola Rubicola, Scops Owl, Sedge Warbler, Sitta Europaea, Skylark, Song Thrush, Sparrowhawk, Spotted Flycatcher, Starling, Stonechat, Strix Aluco, Sturnus Vulgaris, Swift, Sylvia Atricapilla, Sylvia Communis, Sylvia Curruca, Sylvia Orphea, Tawny Owl, Thrush, Tree Pipit, Tree Warbler, Treecreeper, Troglodytes Troglodytes, True Thrush, Turdus Philomelos, Turdus Pilaris, Turdus Torquatus, Turdus Viscivorus, Upupa Epops, Western Yellow Wagtail, Wheatear, Whinchat, White, White Wagtail, Whitethroat, Wood Warbler, Wren, Wryneck, Zilpzalp

Pigeons - Archangels and Swifts, Fancy Breeds Featured Swifts Print

Pigeons - Archangels and Swifts, Fancy Breeds

A portrait of two breeds of fancy pigeon, as seen the illustration, there are two Archangels and two Swifts, also known as Egyptian Swifts'. Archangels are valued for its unusual appearance, and notable for the metallic sheen of its feathers. As seen in this illustration, they also have dark orange eyes and peak crest. The Swift is best known for its long wings and tail and its short beak. Date: circa 1880s

© The Sharp Illustration Collection / Mary Evans Picture Library