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Scarab Beetles Gallery

Choose from 218 pictures in our Scarab Beetles collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Faience scarabs. 7th-6th centuries BC. From Isis Tomb, Italy Featured Scarab Beetles Image

Faience scarabs. 7th-6th centuries BC. From Isis Tomb, Italy

Faience scarabs. a) Egyptian, probably with the name of Psammetichus I (664-610 BC), b) Type imitated in the Aegean area, c) Maybe made A?a?A?a?in Phoenicia, d) Possibly made A?a?A?a?in Rhodes, e) Egyptian, possibly with the name Psammetichus II (595-589 BC): f) Egyptian style imitated freely; g) Imitation of Egyptian style. 7th-6th centuries BC. From Isis Tomb, Polledrara Cemetery, Italy. British Museum. London. England. United Kingdom

© Thaliastock / Mary Evans

Green Scarab Beetle - Diphucephala sp Featured Scarab Beetles Image

Green Scarab Beetle - Diphucephala sp

This Small Green Beetle is metallic green in colour often with red or golden tones, with very short on abdomen. Their larvae are C-shaped and live in soil, feed on roots and other organic matter. They pupate in soil as well. When disturbed, the beetle employs the drop and fly method to escape. They are active during the day and quite ready to fly on a sunny day. This image is Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC).

© Rundstedt B. Rovillos

A solitary wasp (Campsomeris annulata) Featured Scarab Beetles Image

A solitary wasp (Campsomeris annulata)

A solitary wasp (Campsomeris annulata), larva feeding off the larva of a scarab beetle underground in soil cut away for the purpose of the photograph. It will feed on its scarab host for one to two weeks and then spin a cocoon in which it will pass the winter. Japan

Attacks Pest Species, Biocontrol Agent, Burrowing, Chamber, Grub, Hymenoptera, Insect, Larval, Locating, Parasitises Pest Beetles, Parasitoid, Prey, Scoliid, Scoliidae, Solitary, Wasps