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Pine Butterfly Gallery

Choose from 28 pictures in our Pine Butterfly collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Butterflies, chromolithograph, published in 1897 Featured Pine Butterfly Image

Butterflies, chromolithograph, published in 1897

Butterflies, left: Pine looper moth (Bupalus piniaria, or Fidonia piniaria) with caterpillar; Western larch case-bearer (Coleophora laricella) with eaten needle points of a larch; Evergestis extimalis (or Botys margaritalis) with caterpillar; Pine shoot moth (Rhyacionia buoliana, or Tortrix bouoliana) with caterpillar and pupa in a cutted twig; Pine resin-gall moth (Retinia resinella, orTortrix resinella) with bile and pupae capsule; Middle: White-spotted pinion (Cosmia diffinis); Pine beauty (Panolis flammea, or Trachea piniperda) with caterpillar; Mottled umber (Erannis defoliaria, or Hibernia defoliaria), male (1), female (2), caterpillar (3); Dotted border (Agriopis marginaria, or Hibernia aurantiaria), male (4), female (5); Winter moth (Operophtera brumata, or Laurentia brumata), male (6), female (7), caterpillar (8); Apple ermine (Yponomeuta malinellus, or Hyponomeuta malinella) cocoon with caterpillar and moth. Right: Peppered moth (Biston betularia, or Amphidasys betularia); Pupa and caterpillar of the Peppered moth; Rustic shoulder-knot (Apamea sordens, or Hadena basilinea) and caterpillar; Red underwing (Catocala nupta) and caterpillar. Chromolithograph, published in 1897

No. 179 & 180 Palilio Erebus Featured Pine Butterfly Image

No. 179 & 180 Palilio Erebus

Illustration and caption by John Abbot (1751-1840). Caption reads: Taken from 21st March in Pine Woods, very rare, it flies swift, the female has a broader border of black, this is the male of No. 44, see last page

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