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Gryllus sp., cricket head views Featured Related Images Image

Gryllus sp., cricket head views

Watercolour and ink by J. Hayes, from Drawings of insects from Bengal and other parts of India. Thomas Hardwicke Collection; 1820 Date: 1820

© Mary Evans / Natural History Museum

Anatomy, Animal, Arthropod, Arthropoda, Back View, Comparative, Cricket, Ensifera, Front View, Group, Gryllidae, Gryllus, Hardwicke, Hayes, Head, Hexapod, Hexapoda, Historical, History, Illustration, Indian, Insect, Insecta, Invertebrata, Invertebrate, J Hayes, Long Horned Orthoptera, Orthoptera, Orthopteran, Painting, Rear View, Side View, Thomas Hardwicke Collection, Three, True Cricket, Watercolor, Watercolour

An ant-living cricket (Myrmecophila sapporensis) Featured Related Images Image

An ant-living cricket (Myrmecophila sapporensis)

An ant-living cricket (Myrmecophila sapporensis) in a nest of Japanese ants (Lasius japonicus) that lives its whole life in the ants nest. Because it no longer stridulates it has no hearing organs; because it lives in one place it has no wings; it is very small. Japan

Animal, Co Existence, Cricket, Crickets, Endemic To Japan, Evolution, Fauna, Inquiline, Insect, Mixed, Myrmecophilidae, Myrmecophilus, Relationship, Species, Wildlife

Leaf mimic bush cricket or katydid (unknown species, family Tettigoniidae) Featured Related Images Image

Leaf mimic bush cricket or katydid (unknown species, family Tettigoniidae)

Leaf mimic bush cricket or katydid (unknown species, family Tettigoniidae) in the middle of moulting its skin. Moulting from one sub-adult stage (instar) to another is known as ecdysis. Montane rainforest, Bosque de Paz Lodge, Caribbean slope, Costa Rica

Animal, Animalia, Arthropod, Arthropoda, Biodiversity Hotspot, Bush Cricket, Bushcricket, Catalogue10, Central America, Close Up, Costa Rica, Ensifera, Forest, Hexapod, Hexapoda, Insect, Insecta, Invertebrate, Katydid, Latin America, Life Cycle, Life Cycles, Lifecycle, Lifecycles, Longhorned Grasshopper, Moult, Orthoptera, Orthopterida, Portrait, Rainforest, Tettigoniidae, Tettigonioidea, Wildlife