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Nursery Web Spider Gallery

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Raft spider (Dolomedes fimbriatus) Featured Nursery Web Spider Image

Raft spider (Dolomedes fimbriatus)

Raft spider (Dolomedes fimbriatus) female with egg sac protected by the nursery web she has woven around it. She will open the egg sac slightly and guard it until the spiderlings emerge. Picardy, France

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CAN-3277 Fen Raft Spider - Mother guarding nursery web - Endangered Species Featured Nursery Web Spider Image

CAN-3277 Fen Raft Spider - Mother guarding nursery web - Endangered Species

Fen Raft Spider - Mother guarding nursery web - Endangered Species
Dolomedes plantarius
John Cancalosi
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42860-00058-156 Featured Nursery Web Spider Image


Fen Raft Spider (Dolomedes plantarius) adult female, guarding babies in summer nursery web, beside marker post at broadland relocation site, The Broads, Norfolk, England, August

© of: FLPA/Roger Tidman

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