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B Collection

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984 Items

Background imageB Collection: Abe Birnbaum

Abe Birnbaum
FANNY BRICE (1891-1951). American singer, comedienne and actress. Caricature by Abe Birnbaum, c1930s

B Collection: Abraham Bloemaert

Abraham Bloemaert Collection
157 Items

Background imageB Collection: Abraham Bosschaert

Abraham Bosschaert
Still life with Flowers, 1634 (oil on panel)

B Collection: Abraham Bosse

Abraham Bosse Collection
318 Items

B Collection: Abraham Brueghel

Abraham Brueghel Collection
14 Items

B Collection: Abraham Hendricksz van Beyeren

Abraham Hendricksz van Beyeren Collection
16 Items

B Collection: Abraham van Beijeren

Abraham van Beijeren Collection
17 Items

Background imageB Collection: Adam Benno

Adam Benno
Fox capturing rooster 1855 oil canvas 24 x 34. 1 cm

B Collection: Adam Buck

Adam Buck Collection
27 Items

B Collection: Adam van Breen

Adam van Breen Collection
10 Items

Background imageB Collection: Adolf-Julius Berg

Adolf-Julius Berg
Playing with baby, 19th century

B Collection: Adolphe Brune

Adolphe Brune Collection
5 Items

B Collection: Adolphe Gustave Binet

Adolphe Gustave Binet Collection
2 Items

Background imageB Collection: Adolphe Paul Emile Balfourier

Adolphe Paul Emile Balfourier
Outskirts of Valdemusa, Majorca, 1847 (oil on canvas)

Background imageB Collection: Adriaen Bloem

Adriaen Bloem
In the DraperAśs Shop, 1670 (oil on copper)

B Collection: Adriaen Brouwer

Adriaen Brouwer Collection
76 Items

B Collection: Agnolo Bronzino

Agnolo Bronzino Collection
213 Items

Background imageB Collection: Agostino Bettazzi

Agostino Bettazzi
The Defence and Evacuation of the Rocchetta (oil on canvas)

B Collection: Agostino Brunias

Agostino Brunias Collection
16 Items

B Collection: Aimee Brune

Aimee Brune Collection
3 Items

B Collection: Albert Baertsoen

Albert Baertsoen Collection
22 Items

B Collection: Albert Bierstadt

Albert Bierstadt Collection
149 Items

B Collection: Albert Bligny

Albert Bligny Collection
4 Items

Background imageB Collection: Albert Bloch

Albert Bloch
1923 Le Mans hours: Gonzague Lecureul / Dlaud leads Andre Dils / Nicolas Caerels and Robert Bloch / Stalter at the start

Background imageB Collection: Albert Heinrich Brendel

Albert Heinrich Brendel
Moutons parques, 1856. Creator: Felix Bracquemond

B Collection: Albrecht Bouts

Albrecht Bouts Collection
18 Items

B Collection: Aleksandr Karlovich Beggrov

Aleksandr Karlovich Beggrov Collection
10 Items

B Collection: Aleksandr Pavlovich Bryullov

Aleksandr Pavlovich Bryullov Collection
6 Items

Background imageB Collection: Aleksei Alekseevich Bobrov

Aleksei Alekseevich Bobrov
Interior, 1879 (oil on canvas)

B Collection: Aleksei Petrovich Bogolyubov

Aleksei Petrovich Bogolyubov Collection
29 Items

B Collection: Alesso Baldovinetti

Alesso Baldovinetti Collection
8 Items

B Collection: Alex Bush

Alex Bush Collection
9 Items

B Collection: Alexander Bassano

Alexander Bassano Collection
40 Items

B Collection: Alexander Bogomazov

Alexander Bogomazov Collection
20 Items

B Collection: Alexander Buchan

Alexander Buchan Collection
8 Items

Background imageB Collection: Alexander Ritter von Bensa

Alexander Ritter von Bensa
Battle of Schweinschaedel, 29th July 1866 (oil on canvas)

Background imageB Collection: Alexander van Bredael

Alexander van Bredael
A Game of Bowls by a Tavern (oil on canvas)

B Collection: Alexandre Bloch

Alexandre Bloch Collection
4 Items

Background imageB Collection: Alexandre Brasseur

Alexandre Brasseur
Painters at the National Workshops during the French Second Republic, 1848 (litho)

B Collection: Alexandre de Batz

Alexandre de Batz Collection
2 Items

Background imageB Collection: Alexandre le Bihan

Alexandre le Bihan
Prince of Wales frigate on the Serpentine (coloured engraving)

B Collection: Alexandre Veron Bellecourt

Alexandre Veron Bellecourt Collection
2 Items

B Collection: Alexis Simon Belle

Alexis Simon Belle Collection
25 Items

B Collection: Alfred de Breanski

Alfred de Breanski Collection
51 Items

B Collection: Alfred Thompson Bricher

Alfred Thompson Bricher Collection
31 Items

B Collection: Alfred-Henri Bramtot

Alfred-Henri Bramtot Collection
6 Items

B Collection: Alice Barney

Alice Barney Collection
59 Items

B Collection: Alice Boughton

Alice Boughton Collection
9 Items

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Are the photo prints fade resistant?

Yes, we use archival quality photo paper photographic paper for vivid reproduction Prints are an accurate representations of the original artwork, which is preserved for artistic character and authenticity. We guarantee they match previews shown on our web site