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CM30 3251 Daniel Rowbottom, Mercedes Benz A-Class

CM30 3251 Daniel Rowbottom, Mercedes Benz A-Class

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CM30 3251 Daniel Rowbottom, Mercedes Benz A-Class

Daniel Rowbottom, Mercedes Benz A-Class, Carlube, TripleR Racing, Cataclean, Mac Tools, BTCC, British Touring Car Championship, Launch day and media event, BTCC Media Day, Tuesday 17th March 2020, Silverstone, Towcester, Northamptonshire, England. Action, Autosport, British Touring Car Championship, BTCC, BTCC launch day and media event, BTCC Media Day, BTCC Media Day 2020, cars, competition, driver, England, entertainment, March 2020, motor racing, motor sport, Northamptonshire, outdoors, racing, racing cars, racing circuit, saloon cars, Silverstone, speed, Tin Tops, TOCA, Touring Car Championship, touring cars, Towcester, Tuesday 17th March 2020, UK, United Kingdom, vehicles

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© 2020 Chris McEvoy,, all rights reserved

Action British Touring Car Championship Btcc Btcc Launch Day And Media Event Btcc Media Day Btcc Media Day 2020 Carlube Cataclean Daniel Rowbottom Driver Mac Tools March 2020 Mercedes Benz A Class Racing Circuit Toca Touring Car Championship Tripler Racing Tuesday 17th March 2020 United Kingdom Panned Shot Towcester


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CM30 3251 Daniel Rowbottom, Mercedes Benz A-Class - Unleashing the Power at BTCC Media Day

. In this panned shot captured by Chris McEvoy of CJM Photography, we witness the sheer power and adrenaline of British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) driver Daniel Rowbottom as he takes on the Silverstone racing circuit. The print showcases Rowbottom behind the wheel of his sleek Mercedes Benz A-Class, adorned with prominent sponsors such as Carlube, TripleR Racing, Cataclean, and Mac Tools. Taken during the highly anticipated BTCC Media Day on Tuesday 17th March 2020 in Towcester, Northamptonshire, England; this image perfectly encapsulates the excitement and intensity that surrounds this renowned motorsport event. As one of UK's most popular racing championships featuring touring cars or "Tin Tops" it attracts both avid motorsport enthusiasts and casual fans alike. The photograph beautifully captures Rowbottom's skillful maneuvering through a high-speed corner at Silverstone. With his eyes focused ahead and hands firmly gripping the steering wheel, he navigates his powerful machine with precision and finesse. The roaring engine echoes throughout the racing circuit as he pushes himself to achieve optimal speed. This action-packed moment serves as a testament to not only Rowbottom's exceptional driving abilities but also to the thrilling nature of motor racing itself. It is an exhilarating display of competition where drivers push themselves and their vehicles to their limits in pursuit of victory. As viewers gaze upon this stunning image print from CJM Photography, they are transported into a world filled with speed, passion, and unyielding determination – a true celebration of motor sport excellence.

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