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Cushion : Img 0257. mnemonixART

Img 0257. mnemonixART


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Img 0257. mnemonixART

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Refresh your home decor with a beautiful full photo 16"x16" (40x40cm) cushion, complete with cushion pad insert. Printed on both sides and made from 100% polyester with a zipper on the bottom back edge of the cushion cover. Care Instructions: Warm machine wash, do not bleach, do not tumble dry. Warm iron inside out. Do not dry clean.

Accessorise your space with decorative, soft cushions

Estimated Product Size is 40cm x 40cm (15.7" x 15.7")

These are individually made so all sizes are approximate

Artwork printed orientated as per the preview above, with landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) orientation to match the source image.


> 1x Gallery > Abstract

> Abstract Art > Painting > Related Images

> Abstract Art > Related Images

> Arts > Abstract art > Colorful abstract artwork > Vibrant abstract art

> Arts > Abstract art > Colorful abstract artwork

> Arts > Abstract art > Contemporary abstract art

> Arts > Abstract art > Digital abstract illustrations

> Arts > Abstract art

> Arts > Contemporary art > Abstract art

> Arts > Contemporary art > Digital artwork

> Arts > Contemporary art

This image depicts a vibrant and abstract digital artwork with a strong visual impact. The central focus is on an array of colorful, circular elements resembling the lenses or components of a camera arranged in a cluster that gives the impression of an elaborate headpiece or crown. These circles vary in size and color, featuring hues such as red, green, blue, purple, and orange. The background consists of bold splashes of paint in yellow and red tones with hints of blue that blend into each other creating an energetic backdrop reminiscent of street art graffiti. Dynamic lines and drips add to the sense of movement within the piece. The overall composition suggests creativity and complexity while invoking themes related to vision or perception given the camera-like elements. It's as if we're looking at a modern interpretation of traditional portraiture through the lens (quite literally) of technology and contemporary art styles. The image is likely designed to evoke emotions or thoughts about innovation, artistic expression, or perhaps commentary on our media-saturated culture where imagery plays a dominant role in communication.

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