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USA, Arizona, Buckeye. Gila woodpeckers and house made with bird seed and suet

USA, Arizona, Buckeye. Gila woodpeckers and house made with bird seed and suet

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Danita Delimont

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USA, Arizona, Buckeye. Gila woodpeckers and house made with bird seed and suet

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© William D. Jaynes (BJY) / Danita Delimont

Brick Buckeye Gila Woodpecker Gingerbread House Melanerpes Uropygialis Seed Wendy Kaveney Woodpecker Suet


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> Animals > Birds > Piciformes > Woodpeckers > Gila Woodpecker

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Feathered Architects - Gila Woodpeckers Turn Birdseed into Dream Homes!

. In this delightful snapshot captured by Wendy Kaveney, we witness the incredible craftsmanship of Arizona's Gila woodpeckers. These avian architects have taken their creativity to new heights by constructing a charming gingerbread house entirely out of bird seed and suet. Nestled in Buckeye, USA, this edible abode stands as a testament to the resourcefulness and ingenuity of our feathered friends. With its brick-like exterior made from carefully arranged seeds, it perfectly blends into its surroundings while offering a delectable treat for any passerby. The vibrant red plumage of the Gila woodpeckers adds an extra touch of whimsy to this picture-perfect scene. Their bright feathers contrast beautifully against the earthy tones of Arizona's landscape, creating a visual feast that is sure to bring joy to all who lay eyes upon it. Jaynes Gallery has expertly captured this moment where nature meets artistry. The image showcases not only the beauty found in wildlife but also highlights how animals can inspire us with their remarkable abilities. So next time you're strolling through Buckeye or exploring Arizona's wonders, keep an eye out for these talented little builders! Who knows what other surprises they might have in store?

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