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Short-Eared Owl, Asio Flammeus, Front Range, Colorado

Short-Eared Owl, Asio Flammeus, Front Range, Colorado

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Short-Eared Owl, Asio Flammeus, Front Range, Colorado

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Animal Art Beak Bird Brown Brush Colorado Distinctive Environment Feather Front Range Habitat Mark Preservation Range Short Species Stand Western Wildlife Art Wing Asio Eared Flammeus Short Eared


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This stunning print captures the beauty of a Short-Eared Owl in its natural habitat on the Front Range of Colorado. The day is bathed in warm sunlight, casting a golden glow over the western environment. The owl stands tall amidst brush and tropical foliage, showcasing its distinctive yellow and brown feather markings. Its short ears are perched attentively atop its head, while its sharp beak hints at the predatory nature of this magnificent bird. The Front Range serves as an important preservation area for various species, including this Short-Eared Owl. With its wide wingspan and graceful stance, it symbolizes the resilience of wildlife in this region. John Hyde's artistry has captured not only the physical attributes but also the spirit of this Pacific native. Displayed against a backdrop of outdoor scenery, this print brings to life the vibrant colors and intricate details that make up our natural world. It serves as a reminder of our responsibility to protect these habitats and ensure their preservation for future generations. John Hyde's work seamlessly blends animal art with wildlife photography, creating captivating pieces that celebrate both nature's beauty and diversity. This particular piece showcases his talent for capturing fleeting moments in time while highlighting the unique characteristics that define each species he photographs.

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