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A Tree

A Tree

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A Tree

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© Don Hammond / Design Pics

Alberta Angle View Angle Views B And W Bare Bark Black Branch Branches Chill Chilly Close Ups Closeups Cold Cool Deciduous Edge Frame Freeze Frost Frosty Frozen Glubish Height High Low Angle Low Angle View Low Angle Views Quiet Season Seasonal Silence Silent Tall Texture Textures Tilt Tilt View Tilt Views Tilted Upwards White And Black Stub


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This print titled "A Tree (A Tree)" by Don Hammond captures the essence of a winter wonderland in Alberta, Canada. The image showcases the beauty and resilience of nature as it stands tall amidst the frosty landscape. The black and white color scheme adds a timeless quality to the scene, emphasizing the stark contrast between the snowy surroundings and the bare branches of this deciduous tree. The photographer's low angle view provides a unique perspective, drawing our attention upwards towards the height and majesty of this solitary tree. Its branches reach out like delicate fingers, adorned with intricate textures created by frost and ice. The stillness of this countryside setting is palpable, evoking feelings of tranquility and silence. As we gaze at this monochromatic masterpiece, we can almost feel the chilly air on our skin. The cool tones convey a sense of calmness while reminding us that winter has its own unique charm. This photograph invites us to embrace nature's seasonal changes and find solace in its quietude. Don Hammond's skillful composition allows us to appreciate both the grandeur and subtleties found within this frozen landscape. It serves as a gentle reminder that even during harsh winters, there is beauty all around us if we take a moment to pause and observe closely.

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