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Hackney in Boroughs can be found in London, England, United Kingdom in Europe

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Film - 'Mods and Rockers' Ballet - Twickenham Film Studios Featured Hackney Print

Film - 'Mods and Rockers' Ballet - Twickenham Film Studios

Real life Mods and Rockers clash in a make-believe punch-up at Twickenham Film Studios. The boys and girls, from Club 59, Hackney, London, were staging the battle before the film cameras. They are appearing with the Western Theatre Ballet in the film version of the company's ballet 'Mods and Rockers', story of a Mod girl who falls for a Rocker boy. Sylvia Wellman and Simon Mottram dance their original rolls. The colour film, which is being produced and directed by Kenneth Hume, will also include 'Non Stop', another popular ballet of the Western Theatre Ballet

© PA/Press Association Images

A tribute to the brave in an East London street, WW1 Featured Hackney Print

A tribute to the brave in an East London street, WW1

A shrine around a roll of honour attached to the wall of a house in Palace Road, Hackney and adorned with flags, flowers and a portrait of the recently deceased Lord Kitchener. More than one hundred men had enlisted from Palace Road and the framed Roll of Honour and its decorations was a tribute to of remembrance by local people. There were similar rolls of honour in Balcorne Street, Havelock Road, Frampton Park Road and Eaton Place. This system of recording local patriotism was instituted by the Rev. B. S. Batty, Rector of St. John of Jerusalem, South Hackney. Date: 1916

© Illustrated London News Ltd/Bubblepunk

Hackney N16 5 Map Featured Hackney Print

Hackney N16 5 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Hackney N16 5

A503, Allerton Road, Amhurst Park, B105, Bergholt Crescent, Bethune Road, Brownswood Road, Casbeard Street, Colberg Place, Cranwich Road, Crusoe Mews, Denver Road, Dunsmure Road, Durley Road, East Bank, Fairholt Close, Fairholt Road, Glaserton Road, Grangecourt Road, Green Lanes, Greenway Close, Hackney, Heathland Road, Holmleigh Road, Leatherhead Close, Linthorpe Road, Listria Park, Lordship Park, Lordship Park Mews, Manor Road, Martaban Road, N16, N16 5aa, N16 5ad, N16 5ae, N16 5af, N16 5ag, N16 5ah, N16 5aj, N16 5al, N16 5an, N16 5ap, N16 5aq, N16 5ar, N16 5at, N16 5au, N16 5aw, N16 5ax, N16 5ay, N16 5ba, N16 5bb, N16 5bd, N16 5be, N16 5bf, N16 5bg, N16 5bh, N16 5bl, N16 5bn, N16 5bp, N16 5bq, N16 5bs, N16 5bt, N16 5bu, N16 5bw, N16 5bx, N16 5by, N16 5bz, N16 5da, N16 5dd, N16 5de, N16 5df, N16 5dg, N16 5dh, N16 5dj, N16 5dl, N16 5dn, N16 5dp, N16 5ds, N16 5dt, N16 5du, N16 5dx, N16 5dy, N16 5dz, N16 5ea, N16 5eb, N16 5ed, N16 5ee, N16 5ef, N16 5eg, N16 5eh, N16 5el, N16 5en, N16 5ep, N16 5es, N16 5eu, N16 5ew, N16 5ex, N16 5ey, N16 5ez, N16 5fb, N16 5fd, N16 5fe, N16 5ff, N16 5fg, N16 5gy, N16 5gz, N16 5hb, N16 5hd, N16 5hf, N16 5hg, N16 5hj, N16 5hn, N16 5hq, N16 5hr, N16 5ht, N16 5hw, N16 5hx, N16 5hy, N16 5hz, N16 5ja, N16 5jd, N16 5je, N16 5jf, N16 5jh, N16 5jj, N16 5jl, N16 5jn, N16 5jp, N16 5jr, N16 5js, N16 5jt, N16 5ju, N16 5jw, N16 5jx, N16 5jy, N16 5lg, N16 5ll, N16 5ln, N16 5lp, N16 5lr, N16 5ls, N16 5lt, N16 5lu, N16 5lw, N16 5lx, N16 5lz, N16 5nd, N16 5ne, N16 5nf, N16 5ng, N16 5nh, N16 5nj, N16 5nl, N16 5nn, N16 5np, N16 5nq, N16 5nr, N16 5ns, N16 5nt, N16 5nu, N16 5nw, N16 5nx, N16 5nz, N16 5pa, N16 5pb, N16 5pd, N16 5pf, N16 5pg, N16 5pj, N16 5pp, N16 5pq, N16 5pr, N16 5pt, N16 5pu, N16 5pw, N16 5px, N16 5py, N16 5pz, N16 5qa, N16 5qb, N16 5qd, N16 5qe, N16 5qf, N16 5qg, N16 5qh, N16 5qj, N16 5ql, N16 5qn, N16 5qp, N16 5qq, N16 5qr, N16 5qs, N16 5qt, N16 5qu, N16 5qw, N16 5qx, N16 5qy, N16 5qz, N16 5ra, N16 5rb, N16 5re, N16 5rf, N16 5rg, N16 5rh, N16 5rj, N16 5rl, N16 5rn, N16 5rp, N16 5rq, N16 5rr, N16 5rs, N16 5rt, N16 5ru, N16 5rw, N16 5rx, N16 5ry, N16 5sa, N16 5se, N16 5sg, N16 5sh, N16 5sj, N16 5sl, N16 5sn, N16 5sp, N16 5sq, N16 5sr, N16 5sw, N16 5sx, N16 5tb, N16 5te, N16 5tf, N16 5tg, N16 5th, N16 5tl, N16 5tn, N16 5tp, N16 5tq, N16 5tr, N16 5tt, N16 5tu, N16 5tw, N16 5ty, N16 5tz, N16 5ua, N16 5ud, N16 5ue, N16 5uf, N16 5ug, N16 5uh, N16 5uj, N16 5ul, N16 5un, N16 5up, N16 5uq, N16 5ur, N16 5uw, N16 5ux, N16 5uy, N16 5uz, N16 5wg, N16 5ws, N16 5ww, N16 5xa, N16 5xe, N16 5xf, N16 5xg, N16 5xs, N16 5yz, New River Way, Northfield Road, Paget Road, Peppie Close, Queen Elizabeths Close, Queen Elizabeths Walk, Rav Pinter Close, Reizel Close, Royal Close, Schonfeld Square, Shushan Close, St Andrews Grove, St Andrews Mews, St Kildas Road, Stamford Hill, Stanard Close, West Bank, Wilderton Road