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Dyfed, Wales, United Kingdom in Europe

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Goodwick Railway Station, Pembrokeshire, South Wales Featured Dyfed Print

Goodwick Railway Station, Pembrokeshire, South Wales

A long line of passengers and staff waiting on the platform at Goodwick Railway Station on the Great Western Railway, Pembrokeshire, Dyfed, South Wales. They are all looking across at the camera. Two railwaymen stand on the front of a locomotive called Ringing Rock on the right. The station opened in 1899. In 1904 it was renamed Fishguard & Goodwick. It closed in 1964, but there are hopes that it will reopen one day

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Neath Port Talbot SA11 3 Map Featured Dyfed Print

Neath Port Talbot SA11 3 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Neath Port Talbot SA11 3

Afan Valley Close, Afan Valley Road, Alder Road, Angel Street, Ash Grove, Aspen Way, B4287, B4434, Beechwood Avenue, Blaenavon Terrace, Brickyard Cottages, Bridge Street, Brodawel, Brunel Close, Bryn Dedwydd, Bryn Nedd, Brynau Wood, Brynawelon, Bwlch Crescent, Bwlch Road, Caegwenith Close, Castle Drive, Castle Street, Cattle Street, Cecil Griffiths Close, Cedar Road, Cefn Saeson Close, Chestnut Road, Church Place, Cimla, Cimla Close, Cimla Crescent, Clos Ysbyty, Crib Yr Heliwr, Croft Road, Crynallt Farm Road, Crynallt Road, Cwm Nant, Dan Y Bryn, Davies Andrews Road, Digby Road, Dolcoed Terrace, Dulais Fach Road, Dyfed Road, Ena Avenue, Fairfield Way, Fairyland, Fairyland Road, Falcon Drive, Ffordd Hooper, Forest View, Forster Road, Glannant Rise, Glannant Way, Glyn Y Coed Road, Gnoll Bank, Gnoll Crescent, Gnoll Drive, Gnoll View, Golwg Y Castell, Greenwood Drive, Harle Street, Hazelwood Road, Henfaes Road, Heol Caredig, Heol Celyn, Heol Cimla, Heol Derwen, Heol Dyddwr, Heol Glen, Heol Isaf, Heol Moorland, Heol Parc Y Gnoll, Heol Pen Y Coed, Heol Penderi, Heol Y Ffynon, Heol Y Glo, Heol Y Graig, Heol Y Rhedyn, Hibbert Road, Highfield, Holly Road, Hornbeam Close, Idwal Street, Illtyd Street, Ivy Avenue, Jays Field, Kenway Avenue, Larch Close, Leonard Street, Lime Grove, Llantwit, Llantwit Road, Llys Wenallt, Mackworth Drive, Maple Close, Min Y Coed, Mount Pleasant, Myrtle Road, Neath, Neath Bus Station, Neath Port Talbot, Neath Road, New Street, Nightingale Park, Niven Drive, Oak Grove, Old Market Street, Orchard Street, Osprey Drive, Pandy View, Park Field, Park Street, Parr Avenue, Pen Y Bryn, Pen Y Dre, Pentre Fedwen, Pine Grove, Prince Of Wales Drive, Quarry Road, Ravens Court, Rhodfa Fasarn, Rhodfa Poplars, Rhodfar Ddraenen Wen, Rhodfar Gnoll, Ridgewood Gardens, Rookwood Close, Rosser Street, Rugby Avenue, Sa11, Sa11 3aa, Sa11 3ab, Sa11 3ad, Sa11 3ae, Sa11 3af, Sa11 3ag, Sa11 3ah, Sa11 3aj, Sa11 3al, Sa11 3an, Sa11 3ap, Sa11 3aq, Sa11 3as, Sa11 3aw, Sa11 3ax, Sa11 3ay, Sa11 3az, Sa11 3ba, Sa11 3bd, Sa11 3be, Sa11 3bh, Sa11 3bj, Sa11 3bn, Sa11 3bp, Sa11 3bq, Sa11 3br, Sa11 3bs, Sa11 3bt, Sa11 3bu, Sa11 3bx, Sa11 3by, Sa11 3bz, Sa11 3da, Sa11 3db, Sa11 3dd, Sa11 3de, Sa11 3df, Sa11 3dg, Sa11 3dh, Sa11 3dj, Sa11 3dl, Sa11 3dn, Sa11 3dp, Sa11 3dq, Sa11 3dr, Sa11 3ds, Sa11 3dt, Sa11 3du, Sa11 3dw, Sa11 3dx, Sa11 3dy, Sa11 3dz, Sa11 3ea, Sa11 3eb, Sa11 3ed, Sa11 3ee, Sa11 3ef, Sa11 3eg, Sa11 3ej, Sa11 3el, Sa11 3en, Sa11 3ep, Sa11 3eq, Sa11 3er, Sa11 3es, Sa11 3et, Sa11 3eu, Sa11 3ew, Sa11 3ex, Sa11 3ey, Sa11 3ez, Sa11 3fa, Sa11 3fb, Sa11 3fd, Sa11 3fe, Sa11 3ff, Sa11 3fg, Sa11 3fh, Sa11 3ga, Sa11 3gz, Sa11 3ha, Sa11 3hb, Sa11 3hd, Sa11 3he, Sa11 3hf, Sa11 3hg, Sa11 3hh, Sa11 3hj, Sa11 3hl, Sa11 3hn, Sa11 3hp, Sa11 3hq, Sa11 3hr, Sa11 3hs, Sa11 3ht, Sa11 3hu, Sa11 3hw, Sa11 3hx, Sa11 3hy, Sa11 3hz, Sa11 3ja, Sa11 3jb, Sa11 3je, Sa11 3jf, Sa11 3jg, Sa11 3jh, Sa11 3jj, Sa11 3jl, Sa11 3jn, Sa11 3jp, Sa11 3jq, Sa11 3jr, Sa11 3js, Sa11 3jt, Sa11 3ju, Sa11 3jw, Sa11 3jx, Sa11 3jy, Sa11 3jz, Sa11 3la, Sa11 3lb, Sa11 3ld, Sa11 3lh, Sa11 3lj, Sa11 3ll, Sa11 3ln, Sa11 3lq, Sa11 3lu, Sa11 3lw, Sa11 3lx, Sa11 3ly, Sa11 3lz, Sa11 3na, Sa11 3nb, Sa11 3ne, Sa11 3nj, Sa11 3nn, Sa11 3np, Sa11 3nq, Sa11 3nr, Sa11 3ns, Sa11 3nt, Sa11 3nu, Sa11 3nw, Sa11 3nx, Sa11 3ny, Sa11 3nz, Sa11 3pa, Sa11 3pb, Sa11 3pd, Sa11 3pe, Sa11 3pf, Sa11 3ph, Sa11 3pj, Sa11 3pl, Sa11 3pp, Sa11 3pq, Sa11 3pr, Sa11 3ps, Sa11 3pt, Sa11 3pu, Sa11 3pw, Sa11 3px, Sa11 3py, Sa11 3pz, Sa11 3qb, Sa11 3qd, Sa11 3qe, Sa11 3qf, Sa11 3qg, Sa11 3qh, Sa11 3qj, Sa11 3ql, Sa11 3qn, Sa11 3qp, Sa11 3qq, Sa11 3qr, Sa11 3qs, Sa11 3qt, Sa11 3qw, Sa11 3qx, Sa11 3qz, Sa11 3ra, Sa11 3rb, Sa11 3rd, Sa11 3re, Sa11 3rf, Sa11 3rg, Sa11 3rh, Sa11 3rj, Sa11 3rl, Sa11 3rn, Sa11 3rp, Sa11 3rr, Sa11 3rs, Sa11 3rt, Sa11 3ru, Sa11 3rw, Sa11 3rx, Sa11 3ry, Sa11 3rz, Sa11 3sa, Sa11 3sb, Sa11 3sd, Sa11 3se, Sa11 3sf, Sa11 3sg, Sa11 3sh, Sa11 3sj, Sa11 3sl, Sa11 3sn, Sa11 3sp, Sa11 3sr, Sa11 3ss, Sa11 3st, Sa11 3su, Sa11 3sw, Sa11 3sx, Sa11 3sy, Sa11 3ta, Sa11 3td, Sa11 3te, Sa11 3tf, Sa11 3tg, Sa11 3th, Sa11 3tl, Sa11 3tn, Sa11 3tp, Sa11 3tq, Sa11 3tr, Sa11 3ts, Sa11 3tt, Sa11 3tu, Sa11 3tw, Sa11 3ty, Sa11 3ua, Sa11 3ub, Sa11 3ud, Sa11 3ue, Sa11 3uf, Sa11 3ug, Sa11 3uh, Sa11 3up, Sa11 3ur, Sa11 3us, Sa11 3ut, Sa11 3uu, Sa11 3uy, Sa11 3xa, Sa11 3xb, Sa11 3xd, Sa11 3xe, Sa11 3xf, Sa11 3xh, Sa11 3ya, Sa11 3yb, Sa11 3yd, Sa11 3ye, Sa11 3yf, Sa11 3yg, Sa11 3yh, Sa11 3yj, Sa11 3yl, Sa11 3yn, Sa11 3yp, Sa11 3yq, Sa11 3yr, Sa11 3ys, Sa11 3yt, Sa11 3yu, Sa11 3yw, Sa11 3yy, School Road, St Annes Drive, St Annes Terrace, Stryd Dewi Sant, Stryd Fawr, Stryd Newydd, The Hollins, The Meadows, The Oaks, Thorburn Close, Tonna, Tonna Uchaf, Trenewydd Rise, Trevallen Avenue, Tyn Y Caeau, Upland Road, Valley View, Victoria Gardens, Water Street, Wenallt Road, Wenham Place, Whittington Street, Willet Close, Willow Walk, Wind Street, Wood View, Woodland Road, Woodside Avenue, Wren Avenue, Y Berllan, Y Dolydd

Tennis court, Bishops Palace, St Davids, South Wales Featured Dyfed Print

Tennis court, Bishops Palace, St Davids, South Wales

A tennis court, with people playing, inside the ruins of the medieval Bishop's Palace, St David's, Pembrokeshire, Dyfed, South Wales. A row of gothic-style arches where windows used to be can be seen above, with the tower of the Cathedral in the near distance. Some parts of the building date from the 12th century, but most of the work was done in the 14th century

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