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James Trainer, Welsh-born footballer Featured Wrexham Print

James Trainer, Welsh-born footballer

James Trainer (1863-1915), Welsh-born footballer (goalkeeper) who played for Wrexham, Great Lever, Bolton Wanderers and Preston North End, as well as the Welsh national team.

© Mary Evans Picture Library

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Servants At Erdigg Featured Wrexham Print

Servants At Erdigg

The domestic staff at Erdigg Hall, the home of the Yorke family in Wrexham, North Wales, 1852. They are head gardener James Phillips, coachman Edward Humphries, laundry maid Elizabeth Alford, dairy maid Mary Davies, head housemaid Ruth Jones, under gardener William Price, footman William Stephenson, head nurse Eliza Rogers, cook and housekeeper Mrs Webster, butler Thomas Murray, lady's maid Elizabeth Hale, under nurse Sarah Evans, carpenter Thomas Rogers and hall boy Edward Davies. From a daguerrotype. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

© 2005 Getty Images

Cheshire West and Chester SY14 7 Map Featured Wrexham Print

Cheshire West and Chester SY14 7 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Cheshire West and Chester SY14 7

Back Lane, Barton, Barton Road, Berwyn View, Borderbrook, Boundary Lane, Bullcroft Close, Cal Lane, Chapel Lane, Cheshire West And Chester, Chorlton Lane, Church Road, Cuddington Heath, Dog Lane, Elk View, Fox And Hounds Place, Grange Lane, Greaves Lane, Greaves Lane East, Green Lane, Greenway, Higher Carden, Higher Carden Lane, Higher Wych, Inveresk Road, Kerrisons View, Kidnal, Long Lane, Love Lane, Lowcross Lane, Lower Carden, Lower Wych, Meadows Lane, Nell Peters Lane, Oldcastle Heath, Oldcastle Lane, Overton Heath Lane, Pool Lane, Purser Lane, Rookery Road, Sandy Lane, Sarn Bank Road, Sarn Road, Scar Lane, Shocklach, Shocklach Green, Smithy Close, Stretton, Stretton Green, Sy14, Sy14 7aa, Sy14 7ab, Sy14 7ad, Sy14 7ae, Sy14 7af, Sy14 7ag, Sy14 7ah, Sy14 7aj, Sy14 7al, Sy14 7an, Sy14 7ap, Sy14 7aq, Sy14 7ar, Sy14 7as, Sy14 7at, Sy14 7au, Sy14 7aw, Sy14 7ax, Sy14 7ay, Sy14 7az, Sy14 7ba, Sy14 7bb, Sy14 7bd, Sy14 7be, Sy14 7bf, Sy14 7bg, Sy14 7bh, Sy14 7bj, Sy14 7bl, Sy14 7bn, Sy14 7bp, Sy14 7bq, Sy14 7bs, Sy14 7bt, Sy14 7bu, Sy14 7bw, Sy14 7bx, Sy14 7by, Sy14 7bz, Sy14 7db, Sy14 7dd, Sy14 7de, Sy14 7df, Sy14 7dg, Sy14 7dh, Sy14 7dj, Sy14 7dl, Sy14 7dn, Sy14 7dp, Sy14 7dq, Sy14 7dr, Sy14 7ds, Sy14 7dt, Sy14 7du, Sy14 7dw, Sy14 7dx, Sy14 7dy, Sy14 7dz, Sy14 7ea, Sy14 7eb, Sy14 7ed, Sy14 7ee, Sy14 7ef, Sy14 7eg, Sy14 7ej, Sy14 7el, Sy14 7en, Sy14 7ep, Sy14 7eq, Sy14 7er, Sy14 7es, Sy14 7et, Sy14 7eu, Sy14 7ew, Sy14 7ex, Sy14 7ey, Sy14 7ez, Sy14 7fa, Sy14 7fb, Sy14 7fd, Sy14 7fe, Sy14 7ff, Sy14 7fg, Sy14 7fh, Sy14 7fj, Sy14 7fl, Sy14 7fp, Sy14 7ha, Sy14 7hb, Sy14 7hd, Sy14 7he, Sy14 7hf, Sy14 7hh, Sy14 7hn, Sy14 7hp, Sy14 7hr, Sy14 7hs, Sy14 7ht, Sy14 7hu, Sy14 7hw, Sy14 7hx, Sy14 7hy, Sy14 7hz, Sy14 7ja, Sy14 7jb, Sy14 7jd, Sy14 7je, Sy14 7jf, Sy14 7jg, Sy14 7jh, Sy14 7jj, Sy14 7jl, Sy14 7jn, Sy14 7jp, Sy14 7jr, Sy14 7js, Sy14 7jt, Sy14 7ju, Sy14 7jw, Sy14 7jx, Sy14 7jy, Sy14 7jz, Sy14 7la, Sy14 7lb, Sy14 7ld, Sy14 7le, Sy14 7lf, Sy14 7lg, Sy14 7lh, Sy14 7lj, Sy14 7ll, Sy14 7ln, Sy14 7lp, Sy14 7lr, Sy14 7ls, Sy14 7lt, Sy14 7lu, Sy14 7lw, Sy14 7lx, Sy14 7ly, Sy14 7lz, Sy14 7na, Sy14 7nb, Sy14 7nd, Sy14 7ne, Sy14 7nf, Sy14 7ng, Sy14 7nh, Sy14 7nq, Sy14 7pa, Sy14 7pb, Sy14 7pd, Sy14 7pe, Sy14 7wf, Tallarn Green, The Elms, The Lane, Threapwood, Tilston, Tilston Road, Tinkwood Lane, Village Green, Warway, Whitewood Lane, Wrexham Road, Wynter Close, Wynter Lane