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Antique Print of a King Vulture, 1859 (coloured engraving)

Antique Print of a King Vulture, 1859 (coloured engraving)

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Antique Print of a King Vulture, 1859 (coloured engraving)

2630191 Antique Print of a King Vulture, 1859 (coloured engraving) by American School, (19th century); Private Collection; ( Antique print of a King vulture from the illustrated book The Natural History of Animals; hand-colored engraving, 1859.); Photo eGraphicaArtis; American, out of copyright

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© GraphicaArtis / Bridgeman Images

1850s Hand Colored King Vulture Scavenger Vulture Sarcoramphus Papa

This print showcases an exquisite antique engraving of a King Vulture, dating back to 1859. Created by the American School in the 19th century, this hand-colored illustration is part of a private collection and holds historical significance. The image originates from the renowned book "The Natural History of Animals" where it was featured as a representation of the majestic King Vulture. The intricate details and vibrant colors bring this magnificent scavenger to life, showcasing its unique features and beauty. Native to South America, the Sarcoramphus papa, commonly known as the King Vulture, has long fascinated nature enthusiasts with its distinctive appearance. This vintage engraving captures every feather and contour with precision, allowing us to appreciate its regal presence. As we delve into this piece of natural history artistry, we are transported back in time to witness the meticulous craftsmanship that went into creating such illustrations. The combination of artistic skill and scientific accuracy makes this print not only visually stunning but also educational. With Bridgeman Images preserving this masterpiece for future generations to admire, we can marvel at both the creativity of human expression and the wonders found within our natural world. Let this antique print serve as a reminder that even centuries-old artwork continues to inspire awe and appreciation today.

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