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Ancient Egypt: farming and hunting, 1866 (coloured engraving)

Ancient Egypt: farming and hunting, 1866 (coloured engraving)

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Ancient Egypt: farming and hunting, 1866 (coloured engraving)

XEE702566 Ancient Egypt: farming and hunting, 1866 (coloured engraving) by Leutemann, Heinrich (1824-1905); Private Collection; ( Coloured engraving by Heinrich Leutemann (1824-1905) - Bilder aus dem Altertume (Pictures from Antiquity) 1866); Stefano Bianchetti; German, out of copyright

Media ID 22735822

© Stefano Bianchetti / Bridgeman Images

Agricultural Tool Agricultural Vehicle Alimentation Alimentazione Ancient Egyptian Animale Antelope Antico Egitto Antilope Antiquit And Xe9 Bianchetti Boeuf Caccia Cacciatore Campo Champ De Campagne Chasse Chasseur Chien Dicianovesimo Secolo Egitto Egizio Egypt Egyptian Egypte Antique Farm Equipment Food And Drink Histoire Incisione Machine Agricole Ottocento Outil Agricole Periodo Antico Ploughing Reconstitution Replica Riproduzione Storia Storia Antica Veduta Di Citta Vehicule Agricole Vue D Une Ville Vue Dune Ville Agricoltura


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This coloured engraving by Heinrich Leutemann takes us back in time to Ancient Egypt, showcasing the intricate details of farming and hunting practices during that era. The print depicts a bustling scene filled with activity and offers a glimpse into the daily lives of ancient Egyptians. In the foreground, we see farmers diligently ploughing their fields using traditional agricultural tools, accompanied by oxen pulling the heavy equipment. This image highlights the importance of agriculture in sustaining Egyptian society, as it was a vital source of food and livelihood. Meanwhile, on the outskirts of this agricultural landscape, hunters are seen preparing for their expedition. Armed with spears and accompanied by loyal dogs, they venture out into nature's wilderness in search of game such as antelope. Hunting played a crucial role not only in providing sustenance but also served as an important cultural practice for ancient Egyptians. The artist's attention to detail is evident throughout this piece - from the vibrant colours used to depict clothing and landscapes to the carefully etched facial expressions that bring these historical figures to life. It is through artworks like this that we can gain insight into past civilizations and appreciate their rich history. This stunning print serves as a visual portal allowing us to travel back thousands of years ago when farming and hunting were integral parts of everyday life in Ancient Egypt.

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