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Queen of Hearts, 1896 (oil on canvas)

Queen of Hearts, 1896 (oil on canvas)

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Queen of Hearts, 1896 (oil on canvas)

HTL97257 Queen of Hearts, 1896 (oil on canvas) by Shaw, John Byam Liston (1872-1919); 91.4x71.1 cm; Private Collection; By courtesy of Julian Hartnoll; English, out of copyright

Media ID 23369044

© courtesy of Julian Hartnoll / Bridgeman Images

Courtiers Ladies In Waiting Nursery Rhyme Pre Raphaelite


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This print showcases the mesmerizing artwork titled "Queen of Hearts, 1896" by John Byam Liston Shaw. Painted with oil on canvas, this masterpiece measures 91.4x71.1 cm and is currently held in a private collection, made available through the courtesy of Julian Hartnoll. The painting depicts a scene inspired by nursery rhymes and courtly life, featuring the iconic Queen of Hearts surrounded by her entourage of costume-clad ladies-in-waiting and courtiers. The artist's Pre-Raphaelite influences are evident in the attention to detail and vibrant colors that bring this composition to life. Shaw's skillful brushwork captures the regal beauty and commanding presence of the Queen as she gazes confidently into the distance. Each figure in this enchanting tableau is meticulously rendered, showcasing both their individuality and their role within this royal setting. This print from Bridgeman Images allows art enthusiasts to appreciate every intricate detail of Shaw's work up close. It serves as a reminder of his contribution to English art history during his short but impactful career. As we admire this remarkable piece, we are transported back in time to an era filled with elegance and grandeur – a testament to Shaw's ability to capture not only physical likeness but also evoke emotions through his brushstrokes.

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