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A Picnic on the Bosphorus (engraving)

A Picnic on the Bosphorus (engraving)

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A Picnic on the Bosphorus (engraving)

1061321 A Picnic on the Bosphorus (engraving) by Durand, Godefroy (1832-1896); Private Collection; ( A Picnic on the Bosphorus. Illustration for The Graphic, 15 July 1882.); Look and Learn / Illustrated Papers Collection

Media ID 25173178

© Look and Learn / Illustrated Papers Collection / Bridgeman Images

Bosphorus Coquetry Courses Durand Godefroy 1832 1896 Effects Expect Godefroy Durand Handkerchiefs Invitation Jealousy Lights Livery Picnic Putting Return Silence Sort Speech Turkish Culture Uphill Waving Appetiser Central Turkey Heart Disease The Woman Turk


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A Picnic on the Bosphorus" is a captivating engraving that takes us back to the 19th century, offering a glimpse into an elegant and leisurely gathering. The scene depicts a group of ladies and gentlemen enjoying a delightful picnic on a boat, as they cruise along the beautiful Bosphorus Strait. The atmosphere is one of tranquility, with quiet chats and waves exchanged between guests. The sun shines brightly overhead, adding warmth to this idyllic setting. However, hidden beneath this picture-perfect facade lies an undercurrent of coquetry and jealousy that could have fatal consequences. As the boat glides through the water, handkerchiefs are waved in invitation to passing vessels while skilful carving reveals appetizers such as caviar. Servants attend diligently to ensure every course is served flawlessly. Amidst all this opulence, romance blooms among the passengers. Yet amidst their enjoyment lurks heart disease and sunstroke - silent threats that cast shadows over their festivities. The architecture along the banks of the Bosphorus provides a stunning backdrop for their journey home. This print captures not only an exquisite moment in time but also offers insight into societal norms and travel during the 19th century. It showcases both elegance and vulnerability within its intricate details – from livery-clad servants to flickering lights illuminating each dining experience. "A Picnic on the Bosphorus" by Durand transports us back in time, reminding us of both leisurely pleasures and potential dangers that lay beneath seemingly perfect exteriors.

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