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Electric kettle, designed for A. E. G. c. 1908

Electric kettle, designed for A. E. G. c. 1908

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Electric kettle, designed for A. E. G. c. 1908

CNC7717 Electric kettle, designed for A.E.G. c.1908 by Behrens, Peter (1868-1940); Haslam & Whiteway Ltd. London, UK; German, out of copyright

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Convenience Electrical Equipment Kitchen Modern Domestic Appliance


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This print showcases an iconic piece of early 20th-century design - the Electric kettle, designed for A. E. G. in approximately 1908. Crafted by the renowned German architect Peter Behrens, this innovative kitchen appliance was a true marvel of its time. The sleek and modern aesthetic of this electric kettle is immediately apparent, with its clean lines and minimalist form. The wicker handle adds a touch of warmth to the otherwise industrial-looking device, creating a harmonious blend of functionality and style. As we gaze at this image, we are transported back to an era when electricity was still a novelty in households across Europe. This cutting-edge domestic appliance symbolizes convenience and progress, representing the dawn of a new technological age. The attention to detail in Behrens' design is evident - every curve and angle carefully considered for both visual appeal and practicality. It serves as a testament to his visionary approach towards merging artistry with everyday objects. Today, this photograph not only captures our imagination but also reminds us how far we have come in terms of technological advancements. It stands as a tribute to those early pioneers who paved the way for modern conveniences that we often take for granted. In collaboration with Bridgeman Images' Fine Art Finder collection, this print allows us to appreciate the beauty found within functional objects while celebrating their historical significance.

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