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Portrait of Simon IV the Fort, Count of Montfort (1150 - 1218), 19th century. (engraving)

Portrait of Simon IV the Fort, Count of Montfort (1150 - 1218), 19th century. (engraving)

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Portrait of Simon IV the Fort, Count of Montfort (1150 - 1218), 19th century. (engraving)

PCT4256256 Portrait of Simon IV the Fort, Count of Montfort (1150 - 1218), 19th century. (engraving); ( Leader of the army of the Crusaders against the Albigeois (Cathars).); © Patrice Cartier. All rights reserved 2023

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© © Patrice Cartier. All rights reserved 2024 / Bridgeman Images

13 13th Xiii Xiiith Thirteenth Century Albigensian Cathar Catharism Crusade Crusader Crusaders Crusades Heresy Heretic Montfort Simon Iv 1150 1218 The 13th Century The Crusades 13 13th Xiii Xiiith Century 13 Century C13th Gusman Late Middle Age Medioeval Middle Ages Medieval Middles Ages Thirteenth Century Xiii Century Xiiith Century


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This 19th-century engraving captures the powerful presence of Simon IV the Fort, Count of Montfort (1150-1218), a key figure in the Crusades against the Cathars. As the leader of the army fighting against this religious sect deemed heretical by the Catholic Church, Simon IV was known for his strategic prowess and unwavering determination. In this portrait, Simon IV is depicted with a stern expression, clad in armor that signifies his role as a crusader. The intricate details of his attire and facial features showcase the skill of the engraver in capturing both his physical likeness and inner strength. The historical significance of Simon IV's leadership during this tumultuous period in medieval Europe is palpable in this print. His legacy as a military commander who fought fervently for his beliefs continues to resonate through centuries. As we gaze upon this image, we are transported back to a time when faith and warfare intersected in complex ways. The intensity of Simon IV's gaze reminds us of the challenges he faced and overcame on his quest to uphold religious orthodoxy. This engraving serves as a poignant reminder of an era marked by conflict and conviction, immortalizing one man's pivotal role in shaping history.

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