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Framed Print : Royal Film Premiere. "The Great McGonagall". Spike Milligan

Royal Film Premiere. 'The Great McGonagall'. Spike Milligan

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Restricted To Certain Countries (Australia or New Zealand)

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Royal Film Premiere. "The Great McGonagall". Spike Milligan

Royal Film Premiere. " The Great McGonagall". Spike Milligan. January 1974

Greater London

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13.5"x11.5" (34x29cm) Premium Frame

Step into the past with our exquisite framed print from the Media Storehouse collection, featuring an iconic moment from the Royal Film Premiere of "The Great McGonagall" starring Spike Milligan. This timeless image, captured by Mirrorpix, transports you back to January 1974. Bring a touch of classic British cinema history into your home or office with this beautifully presented framed print. A perfect addition to any space for film enthusiasts and fans of Spike Milligan's legendary comedy.

Framed and mounted 9x7 print. Professionally handmade full timber moulded frames are finished off with framers tape and come with a hanging solution on the back. Outer dimensions are 13.5x11.5 inches (34x29cm). Quality timber frame frame moulding (20mm wide and 30mm deep) with frame colours in your choice of black, white, or raw oak and a choice of black or white card mounts. Frames have a perspex front providing a virtually unbreakable glass-like finish which is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

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In this print from Memory Lane Prints, we are transported back to the 1970s and find ourselves amidst the glitz and glamour of a Royal Film Premiere. The spotlight is on the legendary comedian Spike Milligan as he graces the event for his film "The Great McGonagall". Milligan's infectious humor and wit have made him a beloved figure in entertainment, and tonight is no exception. Dressed impeccably in his finest attire, he exudes an air of confidence that only comes with years of experience in the industry. His mischievous smile hints at the hilarity that awaits us within his latest cinematic creation. Surrounded by fellow actors, writers, and filmmakers, Milligan stands out as a true luminary in this star-studded gathering. As flashes illuminate the red carpet beneath their feet, one can almost feel the excitement buzzing through the air. "The Great McGonagall" promises to be a comedic masterpiece filled with laughter-inducing moments that will leave audiences rolling in their seats. With its clever writing and Milligan's unparalleled comedic timing, it is sure to become an instant classic. This print serves as a delightful reminder of an era when premieres were grand affairs attended by esteemed personalities who brought joy into our lives through their craft. It captures not just a moment frozen in time but also encapsulates the essence of Spike Milligan's genius - forever etching him into our collective memory as one of comedy's greatest icons.

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