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1532–1603 Collection

"Exploring the Riches of the 16th Century: Art, History

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"Exploring the Riches of the 16th Century: Art, History, and Empires" This captivating era from 1532 to 1603 witnessed a multitude of remarkable events and artistic masterpieces that continue to inspire us today. In one corner, we see Fiducia, a seated woman holding a book with a banner turning in the wind; her wisdom and confidence evident in her demeanor. Nearby, an engraving of Mary Magdalen captures our attention with its delicate details and emotional depth. Moving on, we encounter Judah's head depicted by Willem van Haecht in his powerful artwork titled "Tyrannorum proemia. " The intensity in this portrayal transports us back to ancient times when kings ruled with iron fists. Africa comes alive through pen strokes and brush wash techniques as artists skillfully capture its essence during this transformative century. Alms-giving becomes an act of grace as we witness a woman adorned with a pearl headdress and halo extending her hands offering bread to those in need. Meanwhile, Captain de Bours symbolically hands over the keys to Citadel Antwerp - an emblematic moment representing power shifting hands. The profound religious scene of Ecce Homo draws us closer; its pen strokes revealing both vulnerability and strength. America emerges on paper through brown ink brush washes - an exploration into new territories that forever changed history. Cyrus, King of Persia stands tall alongside four illustrious rulers from antiquity - their legacies intertwined forevermore. An enchanting engraving depicting America as one of the four continents showcases the interconnectedness between cultures across vast oceans. Intriguingly detailed engravings like Entombment transport us back to biblical times while Judith's triumph over Holofernes echoes themes of bravery against all odds. Nebuchadnezzar looms large as his story unfolds before our eyes through intricate lines etched onto paper.