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Careenage Collection

Discover the picturesque beauty of Carenage, a hidden gem in Grenada's St George

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Discover the picturesque beauty of Carenage, a hidden gem in Grenada's St George. With its breathtaking view over the center of St George residential area and bay, this tranquil spot is a true haven for nature lovers. Take a stroll along the Careenage and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this charming neighborhood. In Barbados' Bridgetown, The Careenage stands as an iconic landmark that showcases the rich history and culture of this Caribbean paradise. Whether you visit during morning or evening hours, be prepared to be captivated by the stunning views it offers. As boats gracefully glide through its waters, you'll witness a scene straight out of a postcard. The Careenage in Bridgetown serves as more than just a scenic spot; it represents Barbados' maritime heritage. Watch as boats dock at this bustling harbor, bringing with them tales from distant shores. This lively hub is not only visually appealing but also provides an insight into the island's trade and commerce. Boats dotting The Careenage create an enchanting sight against the backdrop of Barbados' West Indies landscape. Located in Central America's Caribbean region, this idyllic setting is perfect for those seeking tranquility amidst natural beauty. Whether you find yourself gazing at Grenada's Carenage or exploring Bridgetown's vibrant waterfront at The Careenage, these captivating locations will leave you spellbound with their charm and allure.