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Carnal Collection

"Carnal: An Exploration of Sensuality and Desire Through Art" Step into a world where art transcends boundaries

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"Carnal: An Exploration of Sensuality and Desire Through Art" Step into a world where art transcends boundaries, igniting the flames of passion and celebrating the carnal desires that reside within us all. From the provocative to the sublime, these captivating artworks offer a glimpse into the intricate tapestry of human sexuality. In "A Music Masters Penis used as a Flute, c. 1928, " an artist's imagination runs wild as they merge music and eroticism in a whimsical yet tantalizing manner. The coloured etching invites us to indulge our senses, evoking both laughter and arousal. "Man and Woman Make Love on a Chair (colour on fabric)" captures an intimate moment frozen in time. The vibrant hues breathe life into their passionate embrace, reminding us of the raw intensity shared between two bodies entwined in desire. The allure continues with "Pan and Selene (oil on panel), " where mythological figures intertwine amidst moonlit shadows. This masterpiece transports us to another realm where gods succumb to earthly pleasures, blurring the lines between divine ecstasy and mortal longing. As we delve deeper into this journey of sensuality, "Artistic Interval (colour litho)" beckons with its seductive charm. A stolen moment behind closed doors reveals hidden desires yearning for release – an invitation to explore one's own fantasies without judgment or inhibition. In "Baroilhet & Madame Stolz in Charles VI (colour litho), " elegance meets eroticism as aristocracy indulges in forbidden passions under society's watchful gaze. This artwork challenges societal norms while embracing individual freedom of expression. With "Chacun son Gout (colour litho), " diversity takes center stage as different forms of pleasure are celebrated without prejudice or shame. Each person finds solace in their unique desires, proving that there is no single path towards fulfillment when it comes to matters of intimacy.