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Cartagena City Collection

Discover the enchanting beauty of Cartagena City, nestled in the heart of Bolivar State, Colombia

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Discover the enchanting beauty of Cartagena City, nestled in the heart of Bolivar State, Colombia. Immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant culture as you wander through the Old Walled City District. Marvel at the stunning architecture, like the picturesque houses that line its charming streets. Admire the iconic Pegasus statue and Clock Tower that stand as proud symbols of this captivating city. Take a moment to appreciate art and history at Plaza de Los Coches, where you'll find a magnificent statue honoring Pedro de Heredia, a key figure in Cartagena's past. The intricate doors scattered throughout the district tell stories of their own, inviting you to step into another world. As you explore further, witness the juxtaposition between old and new with downtown Cartagena's skyline showcasing modern apartment blocks in Bocagrande neighborhood. Yet amidst this urban landscape stands The Cathedral and The Clock Tower, timeless landmarks that have witnessed centuries unfold. For those seeking spiritual solace or artistic inspiration, Santo Dimingo Church offers both with its awe-inspiring architecture and Fernando Botero's Figura Reclinada 92 Sculpture nearby. And don't miss out on San Pedro Claver Church - an architectural gem within Old Walled City District. To truly understand Cartagena City is to embrace its historical significance; visit J. B Maine Royt Historic Monument at Plaza de La Aduana for a glimpse into its storied past. Cartagena City beckons adventurers from all corners of South America with its undeniable charm and allure. Lose yourself in its cobblestone streets while discovering hidden treasures around every corner.