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Cecil Smith Collection

Cecil Smith: Master Craftsman of the Wild West Step into the world of the Wild West and meet Cecil Smith

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Cecil Smith: Master Craftsman of the Wild West Step into the world of the Wild West and meet Cecil Smith, a legendary creator whose craftsmanship brought life to iconic pieces from that era. With his skillful hands and keen eye for detail, Cecil crafted timeless treasures that still captivate us today. Take a journey back in time with Sword and Sheath, c. 1938. Created by Cecil Smith, this exquisite piece showcases his mastery in metalwork and leather crafting. The sword gleams with precision while the sheath exudes elegance - a true testament to Cecil's artistry. Rawhide Quirt, 1935 / 1942 is another masterpiece by Cecil Smith that deserves admiration. This whip-like tool embodies both strength and finesse as it was expertly braided using rawhide. Its intricate design reflects the dedication and passion poured into every creation by this remarkable artisan. In Baby Dress, c. 1938 we see a softer side of Cecil's talent as he ventured into clothing design. This delicate dress showcases his attention to detail through its intricate embroidery and fine stitching – an heirloom fit for any little cowgirl or cowboy. Trappers Hunting Knife, 1935 / 1942 demonstrates not only Cecil's artistic flair but also his practicality in creating tools for survival in the rugged wilderness of the West. This knife stands as a symbol of resilience and resourcefulness – qualities embodied by those who roamed these untamed lands. The Double Rig Saddle, c. 1938 is yet another example of how Cecil combined functionality with beauty seamlessly. Crafted with premium leather and adorned with ornate silver accents, this saddle represents comfort for both rider and horse while showcasing impeccable craftsmanship. Stirrup, 1935 /1942 highlights how even seemingly small details were not overlooked by Cecil Smith when it came to perfecting equestrian equipment during this era.