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Chick Pea Collection

"Discover the Versatility and Nutritional Power of Chickpeas

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"Discover the Versatility and Nutritional Power of Chickpeas. " Sprouting beans, falafel, chickpea croquettes - these are just a few the delicious dishes that can be made with chickpeas. Originating from Arabic countries and widely used in Arabic cooking, chickpeas have become a staple ingredient in many cuisines around the world. Did you know that botany plants antique engraving illustrations depict the beauty of chickpeas? The scientific name for this legume is Cicer arietinum, but it is commonly known as the chickpea or chick pea. Its distinct shape and texture make it perfect for various culinary creations. For those seeking gluten-free options, little pancakes made from Indian chickpea flour (chana dal) are an excellent choice. Almaz by Momo restaurant offers mouthwatering dishes featuring this versatile ingredient. Greece also embraces the goodness of chickpeas with meze dishes like Melitzanosalata (aubergine and herb puree) and Revythosalata (chick pea and garlic puree). These traditional delicacies showcase how chickpeas can elevate any meal. Looking for a hearty breakfast option? Bagels topped with your choice of four different toppings paired with roasted sunflower seeds, blackcurrants, corn kernels, and crunchy roasted chickpeas will surely satisfy your cravings. Not only do they taste great; they are also packed with nutrients. Chickpeas belong to the legume family along with assorted beans and pulses. Including them in your diet provides essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, and plant-based protein – making them an excellent addition to any healthy pregnancy diet. So why not explore all that these tiny legumes have to offer? From sprouting beans to flavorful Mediterranean dips or even as part of a wholesome breakfast spread – let's celebrate the incredible versatility of humble yet mighty chickpeas.