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Montmelo Collection

"Montmelo: A Historic Circuit and Hub of Formula One Excitement" Since its debut in 1991 as the host of the Spanish Grand Prix

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"Montmelo: A Historic Circuit and Hub of Formula One Excitement" Since its debut in 1991 as the host of the Spanish Grand Prix, it has become synonymous with thrilling racing action. As a part of the Formula One World Championship, this iconic circuit in Barcelona, Spain has witnessed some unforgettable moments throughout the years. On that fateful Saturday, May 10th, 2014, fans gathered at Montmelo to witness an intense qualifying session. The atmosphere was electric as drivers pushed their limits to secure pole position for the race. This image captures just a glimpse of the excitement that filled the air. But Montmelo is not only known for hosting Formula One races; it has also been a venue for various testing sessions. From Formula 3000 Testing to Formula One Testing, teams and engineers have utilized this track to fine-tune their machines and gain a competitive edge. In this captivating photo montage from different occasions at Montmelo, we see key figures within the motorsport world. Humphrey Corbett Toyota Race Engineer focuses intently on his team's performance while Harald Huisman discusses strategies with his wife alongside Johannes Klien and Helen Temple. The aerodynamicist Ben Agathangelou from Red Bull showcases his expertise in designing cutting-edge cars that dominate on tracks like Montmelo. Meanwhile, Mark Webber proudly poses next to his Jaguar R5 car before taking it out onto this legendary circuit. Notable drivers such as David Coulthard in his McLaren MP4-12 and Michael Schumacher behind the wheel of Ferrari F2004M have left their mark on Montmelo's history through their exceptional skills and achievements. Even beyond professional racing events like Formula BMW Europe testing sessions take place here too. Kazeem Manzur from Josef-Kaufmann-Racing displays his helmet adorned with sponsors' logos—a symbol of dedication and ambition shared by all who step foot on this hallowed ground.