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Wicca Collection

"Wicca: Exploring the Mystical World of Alex Sanders and Maxine Sanders" Step into the enchanting realm of Wicca

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"Wicca: Exploring the Mystical World of Alex Sanders and Maxine Sanders" Step into the enchanting realm of Wicca, as we delve into the lives of two prominent figures in this ancient spiritual practice. Meet Alex Sanders, known as the King of the Witches, who resided in his basement flat in Notting Hill, London. With an air of mystery surrounding him, he captivated many with his deep knowledge and powerful presence. Meanwhile, Maxine Sanders emerged as a prominent figure herself – hailed as the Queen of the Witches. On May 4th, 1974, she made headlines when she signed alongside England's 30, 000 witches at a technical event. Her influence extended far beyond her title; she became a beacon for those seeking guidance on their magical journey. In their shared home in Notting Hill, London – a place where magic thrived – Alex and Maxine created an atmosphere that resonated with their beliefs. Their basement flat served not only as shelter but also as a sanctuary for practicing rituals and connecting with higher realms. As we explore their lives further through these glimpses into their world captured by photographers over time - it becomes evident that they were more than just individuals; they were pioneers shaping modern-day witchcraft practices. Their dedication to Wicca allowed them to ascend to positions of authority within this mystical community. Alex Sanders' name echoed throughout history due to his mastery over esoteric arts while residing in his humble abode in Notting Hill. His teachings attracted followers from all walks of life who sought enlightenment under his tutelage. Maxine Morris stood beside him every step of the way - Queen among witches - embodying grace and wisdom that inspired countless practitioners worldwide. Together they formed an unbreakable bond rooted in love for each other and devotion to their craft. Through these captivating images taken at various moments within their homes or during significant events such as the signing of England's witches, we catch a glimpse into their magical world.