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Greetings Card : A young boy sits miserable as all his friends aren t outside playing 01 / 06 / 72circa

A young boy sits miserable as all his friends aren t outside playing 01  /  06  /  72circa


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A young boy sits miserable as all his friends aren t outside playing 01 / 06 / 72circa

A young boy sits miserable as all his friends aren t outside playing 01/06/72circa

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Greetings Card (7"x5")

Bring a touch of nostalgia to your loved ones with our Media Storehouse Greetings Cards from Memory Lane Prints. This heartwarming design features a young boy feeling left out as all his friends are outside playing, captured in a moment of childhood longing around the year 1972. Perfect for expressing feelings of empathy, understanding, or a reminder of simpler times, this card is sure to evoke fond memories and bring a smile to the recipient's face.

Folded Greeting Cards (12.5x17.5 cm) have a laminate finish and are supplied with an envelope. The front and inside can be personalised with text in a selection of fonts, layouts and colours.

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Estimated Product Size is 17.5cm x 12.5cm (6.9" x 4.9")

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In this poignant print titled "A young boy sits miserable as all his friends aren't outside playing 01/06/72circa" we are transported back to the carefree days of childhood in the 1970s. The image captures a moment of profound loneliness and longing, as a solitary boy sits forlornly while his friends frolic and play outside. The scene is filled with bittersweet nostalgia, evoking memories of our own youthful experiences. Dressed in typical clothing of the era, the boy's sad expression speaks volumes about his yearning to join in on the joyous activities happening just beyond his reach. This photograph beautifully encapsulates universal emotions that transcend time - feelings of exclusion, isolation, and longing for companionship. It serves as a reminder that even amidst laughter and games, some children may find themselves left behind or feeling disconnected from their peers. As we gaze upon this powerful image from Memory Lane Prints by NCJ, it prompts us to reflect on our own childhoods and perhaps even empathize with moments when we too felt excluded or lonely. It reminds us of the importance of compassion and inclusion in fostering a sense of belonging among children. Through its timeless portrayal of childhood innocence tinged with sadness, this print invites viewers to contemplate both personal memories and broader societal themes surrounding friendship, camaraderie, and the complexities inherent in growing up.

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