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French Reconnaissance Troops, Madagascar Expedition, 1883-1896

French Reconnaissance Troops, Madagascar Expedition, 1883-1896

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French Reconnaissance Troops, Madagascar Expedition, 1883-1896

French Reconnaissance Troops, Madagascar Expedition, 1883-1896. France invaded Madagascar in 1883 in what became known as the first Franco-Hova War (Hova being the name of the islands Merina aristocrats), seeking to restore property that had been confiscated from French residents. Prior to the French intervention Madagascar was an independent kingdom ruled by the Merina dynasty, but after the war, increasing French interference meant another war broke out in 1895. By the end of the Second Franco-Hova War in 1896 France ruled the island as a protectorate, the monarchy had been abolished and the royal family exiled to Algeria

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Franco Hova Wars Governor Infantry Madagascar Pith Helmet Rifle Second Franco Hova War Topee Print Collector3


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This print captures the French Reconnaissance Troops during the Madagascar Expedition from 1883 to 1896. The image showcases a group of brave soldiers dressed in their distinctive uniforms, armed with rifles and guns, standing tall and ready for battle. Their pith helmets add an air of authority as they represent France's colonial presence on the African continent. The expedition was triggered by France's desire to restore confiscated property belonging to French residents in Madagascar. At that time, the island was ruled by the independent Merina dynasty until French interference led to conflict known as the first Franco-Hova War. This initial war paved the way for further intervention and ultimately resulted in another war erupting in 1895. By 1896, after enduring both conflicts, France had established its dominance over Madagascar as a protectorate. The monarchy was abolished, and members of the royal family were exiled to Algeria. This lithograph serves as a reminder of this significant period when colonialism shaped history across Africa. The vibrant colors used in this art media bring life to this historical moment captured through lens and brushstroke alike. It is a testament to AccuSoft Inc. 's dedication towards preserving such valuable heritage images for future generations.

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