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Jigsaw Puzzle : Bruxelles / Brussels: Monuments d Egmont et de Hornes (litho)

Bruxelles  /  Brussels: Monuments d Egmont et de Hornes (litho)


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Bruxelles / Brussels: Monuments d Egmont et de Hornes (litho)

6019542 Bruxelles/Brussels: Monuments d Egmont et de Hornes (litho) by European School, (19th century); Private Collection; ( Monuments d Egmont et de Hornes. Illustration for Souvenir de Bruxelles (np, c 1890).); © Look and Learn

Media ID 22385460

© Look and Learn / Bridgeman Images

Brussel Brussels Brussels Region Bruxelles Belgians Belgium Belgian Benelux Countries Hornes

Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)

Discover the enchanting beauty of Brussels with our exquisite jigsaw puzzle from Media Storehouse. This puzzle features a captivating lithograph image titled "Bruxelles / Brussels: Monuments d Egmont et de Hornes" by Bridgeman Images from Fine Art Finder. This 19th-century European School masterpiece showcases the stunning architecture of the Egmont and Hornes Monuments in Brussels, Belgium. Immerse yourself in the rich history and intricate details of this timeless artwork as you piece together this challenging and rewarding puzzle. Perfect for puzzle enthusiasts and art lovers alike.

1000 piece puzzles are custom made in Australia and hand-finished on 100% recycled 1.6mm thick laminated puzzle boards. There is a level of repetition in jigsaw shapes with each matching piece away from its pair. The completed puzzle measures 76x50cm and is delivered packaged in an attractive presentation box specially designed to fit most mail slots with a unique magnetic lid

Jigsaw Puzzles are an ideal gift for any occasion

Estimated Product Size is 50.2cm x 76cm (19.8" x 29.9")

These are individually made so all sizes are approximate

Artwork printed orientated as per the preview above, with landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) orientation to match the source image.


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This lithograph print titled "Bruxelles/Brussels: Monuments d Egmont et de Hornes" takes us back in time to the 19th century, showcasing the historical landmarks of Brussels. The artwork, created by the European School, is a part of a private collection and captures the essence of Belgian history. The image depicts the impressive monuments dedicated to Counts Egmont and Hornes, two prominent figures in Belgian history. These statues stand tall against the backdrop of old Brussels, offering a glimpse into its rich past. The lithograph was originally used as an illustration for "Souvenir de Bruxelles" providing viewers with a visual memento of this remarkable city. As we delve into this piece, we are transported to another era where we can appreciate not only the artistic skill but also gain insight into Belgium's cultural heritage. The attention to detail and precision in capturing these iconic landmarks showcases both the talent of the artist and their dedication to preserving history through art. Whether you have personal ties to Belgium or simply admire its historical significance, this lithograph print serves as a reminder that our past shapes our present. It invites us to explore further into Brussels' fascinating story and encourages us to cherish our own cultural heritage.

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