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Camillus and Brennus

Camillus and Brennus

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Camillus and Brennus

Brennus, captor of Rome, barg- aining for ransom, throws his sword in the scales saying Vae victis (Woe to the defeated). But Camillus is able to save Rome

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Brennus Defeated Gauls Ransom Save Scales Throws Camillus Captor

This powerful and evocative print captures a pivotal moment in ancient history, depicting the dramatic encounter between Camillus and Brennus during the siege of Rome in 390 BCE. The image shows Brennus, the victorious Gaulish chieftain who has captured Rome, arrogantly throwing his sword into the scales as he demands ransom from the defeated Romans, declaring "Vae victis" - woe to the defeated. In this tense standoff, Camillus emerges as the hero of the story, bravely stepping forward to save his beloved city. With determination and courage, he is able to negotiate with Brennus and ultimately prevent Rome from falling into enemy hands. The intricate details of this scene are brought to life through Mary Evans Picture Library's stunning print, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in this ancient tale of triumph and resilience. The clash of cultures, power dynamics, and sheer willpower on display make this image a captivating window into one of history's most significant events. As we gaze upon this artwork, we are reminded of the enduring legacy of those who fought for freedom and preservation against overwhelming odds. It serves as a poignant reminder that even in times of darkness and despair, there is always hope for salvation and redemption.

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