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Fashion Collection: The Nancy Sandys Walker Collection

The Nancy Sandys Walker Collection
269 Items

Background imageFashion Collection: Two types of dresses, 1954

Two types of dresses, 1954
On the left, an 1890-inspired party frock in striped taffeta with the stand-up collar, tight bodice, near-crinoline skirt, and steel-buttoned

Background imageFashion Collection: Blue Dress / Beer 1922

Blue Dress / Beer 1922
Blue dress by Beer: low neckline, open to the hips at the side & worn over a grey slip. Bodice & low waistband decorated in a feather motif plus a bandeau & earrings

Background imageFashion Collection: Indian Summer

Indian Summer
A group of bathing ladies enjoy the good weather

Background imageFashion Collection: Lady and Blossom 1925

Lady and Blossom 1925
A girl, wearing a straw cloche hat with a two colour double brim and ornamented with a broad hatband and ribbon bow, smells some apple blossom

Background imageFashion Collection: Evening Dress 1922

Evening Dress 1922
Sleeveless, slash neck Chinese or orientally inspired black dress by Worth with red tassel detail which with the horizontal & vertical drapery draws attention to the hips

Background imageFashion Collection: Delineator magazine front cover April 1929

Delineator magazine front cover April 1929
Front cover illustration featuring a stylish 1920s woman in a cloche hat at the wheel of a car

Background imageFashion Collection: The Delineator, September 1928

The Delineator, September 1928
Front cover illustration featuring a woman in a typical 1920s cloche hat eating an apple from an apple tree. It is September after all

Background imageFashion Collection: Delineator cover April 1927

Delineator cover April 1927
Front cover of the Delineator magazine featuring a striking art deco design of a woman in a cloche hat

Background imageFashion Collection: The Delineator November 1927

The Delineator November 1927
A fashionable woman peers out imperiously from under the brim of her cloche hat as she pulls the fur collar of her coat around her

Background imageFashion Collection: The Delineator November 1929

The Delineator November 1929
Front cover illustration showing an elegantly attired 1920s woman wearing a cloche hat, a fur stole and enjoying a nice cup of tea with a slice of lemon

Background imageFashion Collection: The Delineator March 1929

The Delineator March 1929
Front cover illustration featuring a fashionable 1920s woman wearing a yellow cloche hat and with rouged cheeks and perfectly applied lipstick

Background imageFashion Collection: The Red Coat by Lewis Baumer

The Red Coat by Lewis Baumer
Portrait by Lewis Baumer showing an elegant, stylish young woman wearing a red coat, with scarf, cloche hat and walking cane

Background imageFashion Collection: Hat & Mask in One 1929

Hat & Mask in One 1929
Dual purpose headwear: cloche hat worn so low over the eyes that it doubles as a mask. Eyeholes are cut in the crown. Perfect hat for hiding upper facial flaws

Background imageFashion Collection: Short Dress after Long

Short Dress after Long
Old gentlemen reminisces with young lady about how he knew her when she was in long dresses. Comment on the vogue for short skirts in the mid 1920s

Background imageFashion Collection: Costume / Poiret / Wool Coat

Costume / Poiret / Wool Coat
Paul Poiret creation: collarless purple wool coat bordered in gold & white & with a bold floral design on the chest & hem

Background imageFashion Collection: Refuelling in a Mini

Refuelling in a Mini
The modern female petrol pump operator, refuelling a car in her mini skirt

Background imageFashion Collection: Three Girls in Minis

Three Girls in Minis
Take Three Girls Three young women wearing mini skirts in Trafalgar Square, London. A " No 11" bus going to Liverpool Street station passes by in the background

Background imageFashion Collection: Metal Disc Dress 1968

Metal Disc Dress 1968
Mini-dress: bodice & skirt are joined by a band of flat metal discs riveted to transparent plastic - a futuristic style reminiscent of Paco Rabannes metal dress of 1967

Background imageFashion Collection: Fashionable 1950S Hat

Fashionable 1950S Hat
The caption for this photograph reads " this blue & mauve veiling making this a fascinating cocktail hat, which should be worn by a very smart, yet simple dress suit."

Background imageFashion Collection: Fashionable 1950S Hat

Fashionable 1950S Hat
A woman wears a felt hat which has a felt ribbon tied around it. The model features a beauty spot on her cheek. Date: 1950s

Background imageFashion Collection: Fashionable 1950S Hat

Fashionable 1950S Hat
A woman wears a felt hat with a large, floppy brim

Background imageFashion Collection: Costume July 1864

Costume July 1864
Lastest Paris fashion of 1864

Background imageFashion Collection: Evening Wear 1939

Evening Wear 1939
Evening gowns by Lavin and Molyneux

Background imageFashion Collection: Flapper on Bonnet 1927

Flapper on Bonnet 1927
A girl on a bonnet: wears a skimpy sleeveless white drop waist dress hitched up to expose her thighs, T-bar shoes, a cloche hat & a scarf a la Isadora Duncan

Background imageFashion Collection: AMALFI BY WORTH 1922

Dress by Worth: barrel-line dress with V -neck & ruffle fall collar, translucent over- sleeves with ruffle detail, broad sash & bow tied across the hips & a broad brimmed hat

Background imageFashion Collection: Union Jack Hat & Scarf

Union Jack Hat & Scarf
A patriotic girl wrapped up in a scarf covered with union jacks. She also has them on the brim of her hat. Date: 1917

Background imageFashion Collection: Imperia / Dress by Worth

Imperia / Dress by Worth
Design by Worth: white fur coat with thick collar, sleeveless gown with tapering straps, flaring skirt with brown fur hem & a vandyked motif in gold

Background imageFashion Collection: Tunic Dress / Worth 1924

Tunic Dress / Worth 1924
Tunic dress by Worth in an ornate monochrome print with red detailing, plain central panel with motif, sash tied at the hips & a double skirt with a plain pleated flounce

Background imageFashion Collection: Elegant Ladies in Shower

Elegant Ladies in Shower
Costumes by Doeuillet: narrow line skirts with wrap-over front or button detail & tunic style belted jackets. Hats: cocked brim & flat crown or tall cloche style with plume

Background imageFashion Collection: Cape by Poiret / 1914

Cape by Poiret / 1914
In a year when capes were all the rage Paul Poiret creates this theatrical black & red evening cape depicted by the artist in the style of a Japanese woodcut

Background imageFashion Collection: Evening Dress / Poiret

Evening Dress / Poiret
Tunic dress by Paul Poiret: tubular skirt in a green spiral motif print, bronze coloured sleeveless tunic worn with a belt across the hips. Accessories: armlets & pearls

Background imageFashion Collection: Spider Web Cloche Hat

Spider Web Cloche Hat
A rather unattractive young woman models a fantastical lace cloche hat with an elaborate spiders web radiating from the back - complete with spider

Background imageFashion Collection: French Flag-Scarf

French Flag-Scarf
A young, blonde patriotic Frenchwoman dons a red revolutionary style cap with tricolour rosette & tricolour striped scarf

Background imageFashion Collection: Frilly Pink Frock 1906

Frilly Pink Frock 1906
A fashionable Parisian in a pink gown with a translucent yoke & floral corsage & a flowing skirt, fitted at the hips & cascading to a pleated flounce with embroidered roses

Background imageFashion Collection: Pink & Gold Gown C. 1911

Pink & Gold Gown C. 1911
The Directoire / Empire silhouette: a high-waisted pink & gold gown with an ornately embroidered corsage & decorative panel on the narrow trained skirt

Background imageFashion Collection: Black & White Costume

Black & White Costume
Redfern dress & coat in black & white for the theatre: wrap- over V -neck dress with fur- trimmed hem & train, kimono style coat with deep fur collar & cuffs

Background imageFashion Collection: Theatre Robe & Coat 1913

Theatre Robe & Coat 1913
High-waisted clinging gown: finely pleated & ornamented with geometric designs, short tunic with a V -neck trimmed with pearls; voluminous coat in a bold floral print

Background imageFashion Collection: Theatre Coat 1913

Theatre Coat 1913
Fur-trimmed kimono style evening manteau / coat in an oriental floral (peonies) fabric. Worn with a V -necked gown with a high-waisted cord belt & a toque with a feather

Background imageFashion Collection: Shell Fountain / Costume

Shell Fountain / Costume
Tunic dress by Paquin: draped tango skirt with front split & train, translucent flared tunic & pearl adorned corsage, toque / turban with feather trim

Background imageFashion Collection: Fur-Trim Dress 1914

Fur-Trim Dress 1914
Fur-trimmed gown of narrow trained skirt with front split & a V -necked wrap over tunic worn with a white fur- trimmed evening coat or wrap & a diamante headdress

Background imageFashion Collection: Coat by Vionnet 1923

Coat by Vionnet 1923
Simple tailored costume & matching scarf by Madeleine Vionnet translated into a sketch with futurist / cubist aplomb

Background imageFashion Collection: Evening Dress / Worth 1922

Evening Dress / Worth 1922
Strapless gold dress draped up over one hip & tied with a large sash bow which creates a train; ornately patterned barrel-line dress worn over a strapless gold slip

Background imageFashion Collection: Satin Evening Gown C1905

Satin Evening Gown C1905
Satin gown with wrap-over bodice buttons tightly over the hips before cascading in luxuriant folds to terminate in a train. The fashionable silhouette is achieved

Background imageFashion Collection: Lady with Jewellery 1927

Lady with Jewellery 1927
An elegant lady shows off her jewellery: earrings, necklace, rings and bracelets

Background imageFashion Collection: Apple Picking a LA Mode

Apple Picking a LA Mode
Travesti costume by Redfern in which Eve is depicted as the serpent in a green dress with a snakes-head headdress. She sinfully picks an apple

Background imageFashion Collection: Two Molyneux Dresses

Two Molyneux Dresses
Two summer dresses by Molyneux

Background imageFashion Collection: Poiret Evening Dress

Poiret Evening Dress
Evning dress created by Paul Poiret in white velvet and imperial rose

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