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Victor G Ginn & Co, catalogue (front cover)

Victor G Ginn & Co, catalogue (front cover)

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Victor G Ginn & Co, catalogue (front cover)

Victor G Ginn & Co, High Holborn, London, catalogue (front cover), Price List of Carnival Novelties.

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Step right up and feast your eyes on the vibrant and enchanting world of Victor G Ginn & Co's Carnival Novelties, as showcased in this front cover of their 1939 catalogue. The image, brimming with an air of excitement and merriment, invites us to explore the wonders hidden within. Set against a bold red background, the cover features a majestic lion, its mane adorned with a regal green and white crown, proudly holding a golden scepter in one paw and a green and white bauble in the other. The lion, a symbol of strength and power, represents the company's commitment to providing high-quality, captivating carnival novelties. Surrounding the regal lion are various masks, each one more intricately designed than the last. Masks in black, white, and green, with intricate patterns and designs, add to the allure of the carnival atmosphere. The masks, along with the lion, create a sense of mystery and intrigue, hinting at the magical experiences that await those who delve deeper into the catalogue. The text, neatly arranged in the bottom left corner, reads "Victor G Ginn & Co, High Holborn, London," and "Price List of Carnival Novelties." The elegant typography, in contrast to the playful and whimsical imagery, adds a sense of professionalism and reliability to the brand. This front cover, a captivating snapshot of the 1930s, offers a glimpse into the magical world of Victor G Ginn & Co's carnival novelties. With its bold colors, intriguing imagery, and inviting text, it promises an unforgettable journey into the realm of fun and wonder.

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