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John Mordan tried being a Knight for a day at Langley Castle

John Mordan tried being a Knight for a day at Langley Castle

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John Mordan tried being a Knight for a day at Langley Castle

John Mordan tried being a Knight for a day at Langley Castle, but found it hard to take an aggressive stance wearing 30 lbs. of steel armour in June 1972

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Armour Hobbies Knight Pastimes Sword

In this print titled "John Mordan tried being a Knight for a day at Langley Castle" we are transported back to June 1972, where an adventurous soul dared to step into the shoes of chivalry. John Mordan, with his unwavering curiosity and love for history, decided to immerse himself in the world of knights and armor. As he stands proudly before us, it becomes evident that becoming a knight is no easy feat. Donned in an impressive suit of steel armor weighing a staggering 30 lbs. , John discovers the challenges that lie beneath the surface of medieval heroism. The summer heat only adds to his struggle as he attempts to maintain composure while donning such heavy attire. Yet, despite the difficulties faced by our modern-day knight, there is an undeniable charm in his pursuit. His determination shines through as he grips tightly onto his sword – a symbol of strength and honor. It's clear that John's passion for historical pastimes has led him on this extraordinary journey within the walls of Langley Castle. This photograph not only captures one man's quest but also serves as a reminder of how hobbies can transport us across time and space. It invites us all to embrace our own passions fearlessly and explore new realms beyond our everyday lives - just like John Mordan did on that unforgettable day in 1972.

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