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Cephalapod Collection

"Discover the fascinating world of cephalopods

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"Discover the fascinating world of cephalopods. 🐙 From the Veined Octopus sheltering in a bottle to the Algae Octopus exploring Rinca Island, these intelligent creatures captivate us with their unique behaviors. Watch as the Veined Octopus catches a hermit crab on black sand or holds a shell in its tentacles at Horseshoe Bay. The Wonderpus Octopus amazes us with its photogenic beauty, whether it's resting on sand or gracefully free-swimming in Lembeh Straits. Witness the Starry Night Octopus peacefully resting on black sand during nighttime adventures. Marvel at the Greater Blue-ringed Octopus up close, mesmerized by its captivating eye. Join us on this journey through Sulawesi and Nusa Kode, where these incredible cephalopods thrive and enchant all who encounter them. "