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'Downland Rambles', BR poster, 1950s

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Poster produced for British Railways (BR) promoting rail services to the East Sussex coast, showing a panoramic view of the cliffs of Beachy Head at Eastbourne, with walkers and cyclists seen on a clifftop road and the sea in the background. Artwork by Allinson.

Copyright © NRM/Pictorial Collection

Media ID 9997680

Date: 19th February 2003

Source: National Railway Museum

Copyright Status: Copyrighted Work

Urgency (1-8) 5=normal: 5

Source: XUKC000127

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Job Title: Sussex

County: East Sussex

Country: United Kingdom

Author: NRM/Pictorial Collection

Image Size: 3504 x 2803 Pixels

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Associated Categories: Top Sellers

Associated Categories: Sussex

Associated Categories: Railway Posters