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Nature Picture Library

Nature Picture Library offers the best nature photographs from the world's finest photographers

Welcome to the Nature Picture Library print site, offering a wide range of exceptional nature and wildlife images. From tigers to turtles and elephants to sharks. New pictures are added every month. We create wildlife stories and calendar and book proposals for publishers. Exclusive photo agency for Wild Wonders of Europe and 2020VISION. We care passionately about the natural world and actively support conservation, offering discounted fees to natural history organisations and donating a percentage of our sales to charities. Top photographers include Mark Carwardine, Doug Allan, Anup Shah, Andy Rouse and Jurgen Freund.

To view our full collection, go to our main site, then search for the subject you need, open the larger view and click the Buy a Print button. We will then upload the image to our print site and send you a link to order the product of your choice.

Background image: Featured Photograph

Featured Photograph
Shoebill stork (Balaeniceps rex) in the swamps of Mabamba, Lake Victoria, Uganda

Background image: Trending Image

Trending Image
Giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) cub Yuandudu, aged 8 months, sitting beside her mother, Huan Huan, Beauval ZooPark, France, April, 2022. Captive

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