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Lieutenant-General The Honourable Robert Monckton Featured Maps Print

Lieutenant-General The Honourable Robert Monckton

Major-General (later Lieutenant-General) The Honourable Robert Monckton (1726-1782), at the Taking of Martinique, 1762.Oil on canvas by Benjamin West (1738-1820), 1763/4 (c), exhibited at the Society of Artists 1764.Listed in 1762 as a major-general (he later became a lieutenant-general), Monckton is wearing a general officer's frock coat: the single-spaced buttons and loops were later to be used to denote full generals. Still in his thirties, Monckton was a tall, imposing figure, who received the thanks of the House of Commons for his valiant conquest of Martinique.Monckton's military career was largely centred in North America, most significantly as General Wolfe's second-in-command at Quebec in 1759. From 1761-1763, he was Governor of New York. It was thus no coincidence that he chose the young American artist, Benjamin West, to record his grandest moment for posterity. In 1763 West had just arrived in London, en route from Italy to his native Pennsylvania, when he received the commission. His interpretation of the dignified general, with its fashionable Neo-Classical allusion to the Apollo Belvedere, was so successful that it was one of three paintings exhibited in 1764 that launched West's career in England. West went on to receive royal patronage and, in 1792, succeeded Sir Joshua Reynolds as President of the Royal Academy. In its day, his most famous painting, The Death of General Wolfe, (National Galleries of Canada), was innovative for treating a contemporary subject as a formal, academic history painting, with the principals dressed in their own clothes, as opposed to classical robes.The map in Monckton's right hand and the left-hand detail of the portrait make direct allusion to the most crucial part of the capture of Martinique. There had previously been several unsuccessful British attempts to take this important sugar island. In 1762 it was heavily garrisoned with over 12, 000 French soldiers, local militia and hired privateersmen'. Monckton assemb

© The National Army Museum / Mary Evans Picture Library

Map of the Siege of Quebec, Canada 1759 Featured Maps Print

Map of the Siege of Quebec, Canada 1759

Vintage engraving of a Map of the Siege of Quebec, Canada 1759. The Battle of the Plains of Abraham, also known as the Battle of Quebec was a pivotal battle in the Seven Years War (referred to as the French and Indian War to describe the North American theatre). The battle, which began on 13 September 1759, was fought on a plateau by the British Army and Navy against the French Army, just outside the walls of Quebec City

© of Duncan P Walker

Hammersmith and Fulham W12 7 Map Featured Maps Print

Hammersmith and Fulham W12 7 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Hammersmith and Fulham W12 7

Abdale Road, Ariel Way, Arminger Road, Australia Road, Batman Close, Bennelong Close, Bentworth Road, Bloemfontein Avenue, Bloemfontein Road, Canada Way, Commonwealth Avenue, Depot Road, Dorando Close, Ellerslie Road, Ethelden Road, Frithville Gardens, Hammersmith And Fulham, Havelock Close, Hopgood Street, Imre Close, India Way, Ingersoll Road, Lawrence Close, Loftus Road, Macfarlane Road, Mackenzie Close, Maurice Street, Poplar Mews, Shepherds Bush, Shepherds Bush Market, South Africa Road, Stanlake Road, Stanlake Villas, Swindon Street, Terrick Street, Tunis Road, Uxbridge Road, W12, W12 7aa, W12 7ab, W12 7ad, W12 7ae, W12 7af, W12 7ag, W12 7ah, W12 7aj, W12 7al, W12 7an, W12 7ap, W12 7aq, W12 7ar, W12 7as, W12 7at, W12 7aw, W12 7ba, W12 7bb, W12 7bd, W12 7be, W12 7bf, W12 7bg, W12 7bh, W12 7bj, W12 7bl, W12 7bn, W12 7bq, W12 7bs, W12 7bt, W12 7bw, W12 7bx, W12 7bz, W12 7da, W12 7db, W12 7de, W12 7df, W12 7dg, W12 7dj, W12 7dn, W12 7dp, W12 7dr, W12 7dz, W12 7ea, W12 7eb, W12 7ed, W12 7ee, W12 7ef, W12 7eg, W12 7eh, W12 7el, W12 7en, W12 7ep, W12 7eq, W12 7er, W12 7es, W12 7et, W12 7eu, W12 7ew, W12 7ex, W12 7ey, W12 7ez, W12 7fa, W12 7fb, W12 7fd, W12 7fe, W12 7ff, W12 7fg, W12 7fh, W12 7fn, W12 7fp, W12 7fq, W12 7fr, W12 7fs, W12 7ft, W12 7fu, W12 7fw, W12 7fx, W12 7ga, W12 7gb, W12 7gd, W12 7ge, W12 7gf, W12 7gg, W12 7gh, W12 7gj, W12 7gn, W12 7gp, W12 7gq, W12 7gr, W12 7gs, W12 7ha, W12 7hb, W12 7he, W12 7hf, W12 7hg, W12 7hh, W12 7hj, W12 7hl, W12 7hn, W12 7hp, W12 7hq, W12 7hr, W12 7hs, W12 7ht, W12 7hw, W12 7hx, W12 7ja, W12 7jd, W12 7jg, W12 7jh, W12 7jj, W12 7jl, W12 7jn, W12 7jp, W12 7jq, W12 7js, W12 7jt, W12 7ju, W12 7jw, W12 7jy, W12 7jz, W12 7la, W12 7ld, W12 7lf, W12 7lg, W12 7lj, W12 7ll, W12 7lp, W12 7ls, W12 7lx, W12 7ly, W12 7lz, W12 7na, W12 7nb, W12 7nd, W12 7ne, W12 7nf, W12 7ng, W12 7nh, W12 7nj, W12 7nl, W12 7nq, W12 7ns, W12 7nu, W12 7nx, W12 7ny, W12 7nz, W12 7pa, W12 7pb, W12 7pd, W12 7pe, W12 7pf, W12 7pg, W12 7ph, W12 7pj, W12 7ps, W12 7pt, W12 7pu, W12 7pw, W12 7px, W12 7py, W12 7pz, W12 7qa, W12 7qb, W12 7qd, W12 7qe, W12 7qf, W12 7qg, W12 7qh, W12 7qj, W12 7qn, W12 7qp, W12 7qr, W12 7qs, W12 7qt, W12 7qu, W12 7qw, W12 7qx, W12 7qy, W12 7qz, W12 7rh, W12 7rp, W12 7rq, W12 7rw, W12 7rz, W12 7sb, W12 7sl, W12 7tq, W12 7tu, W12 7wt, W12 7xq, Westway, White City, White City Bus Terminal, White City Close, White City Road, Wood Crescent, Wood Lane