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North Wind Picture Archives

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Petroglyphs of human and animal figures on a basalt boulder overlooking the Salt River, San Carlos Apache Reservation, Arizona.
Digital photograph

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Media ID 5883940

© N.Carter/North Wind Picture Archives

American Indian Amerindian Animal Arizona Artifact Basalt Boulder Human Figure Igneous Rock Indian Indian Reservation Native Native American Native Animal Petroglyph Reservation Rock Rock Art South West Symbol West Western Wild Animal Salt River San Carlos


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This photo print, titled "NATI2D-00366" transports viewers to the mesmerizing landscapes of the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona. The image showcases an ancient treasure - petroglyphs etched onto a majestic basalt boulder that overlooks the mighty Salt River. The intricate carvings depict both human and animal figures, serving as a powerful testament to the rich history and cultural significance of this region. Each stroke on this rock art represents a story, a symbol passed down through generations. As we gaze upon this vintage masterpiece, we are reminded of the deep connection between Native Americans and their natural surroundings. The wild animals depicted in these petroglyphs remind us of their reverence for nature's beauty and its role in sustaining life. This photograph not only captures an artifact but also serves as a window into America's past. It allows us to appreciate the artistic talents and spiritual beliefs that have shaped indigenous communities throughout North America. Let this image transport you back in time, where you can feel the energy emanating from these sacred grounds on the San Carlos Apache Reservation. May it serve as a reminder to honor and respect our shared heritage while cherishing our diverse cultures that make up this great nation.

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