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Art of supernova remnant

Art of supernova remnant

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Art of supernova remnant

Supernova remnant. Artwork of the wisps of gas of a supernova remnant. These thin strands of nebulosity are the remains of a star which ended its life in an enormous supernova explosion. The ejected gas may travel at thousands of kilometres per second after the explosion. The gas typically forms a loose ring-like shell around the remains of the star. After a supernova explosion, the once-massive star forms a neutron star: a tiny, extremely dense star with peculiar properties. The energy released by a supernova means that the explosion may shine as brightly as a whole galaxy of stars for a brief time

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Cosmology Nebula Star Death Stellar Supernova Remnant


> Arts > Still life artwork > Still life art > Still life paintings

> Arts > Still life artwork > Still life art

> Arts > Still life artwork

> Arts > Realistic drawings > Still life artwork > Still life paintings

> Arts > Street art graffiti > Still life > Still life artwork

This print showcases the mesmerizing art of a supernova remnant. The wisps of gas depicted in this artwork are remnants of a star that met its demise through an immense supernova explosion. These delicate strands of nebulosity, stretching across the image, bear witness to the sheer power and beauty of cosmic events. Following such an explosive event, the ejected gas can travel at astonishing speeds, reaching thousands of kilometers per second. It coalesces into a loose ring-like shell encircling what remains of the once-massive star. This ethereal shell serves as a poignant reminder of the stellar life that was extinguished in a cataclysmic burst. The aftermath of a supernova explosion gives rise to another celestial marvel: a neutron star. Despite its diminutive size, this incredibly dense object possesses peculiar properties that continue to astound scientists and astronomers alike. The energy unleashed during a supernova is so tremendous that it can outshine an entire galaxy for a fleeting moment in time. This awe-inspiring phenomenon reminds us just how vast and magnificent our universe truly is. With its blend of science, astronomy, and artistic interpretation, this print from Science Photo Library offers viewers an opportunity to appreciate both the scientific significance and aesthetic allure inherent in these cosmic wonders.

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