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Artwork of cervical vertebra from human spine

Artwork of cervical vertebra from human spine

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Artwork of cervical vertebra from human spine

Cervical vertebra with spinal cord. Illustration of a bone from the human spine, showing blood vessels (red and blue), the spinal cord (yellow, centre), nerves (yellow) and cartilage (pale blue). This is a cervical vertebra at the top, the spinous process, provides an attachment site for muscles. The blue tissue surrounding the spinal cord is a protective membrane called the dura mater. The yellow region in the large disc of cartilage at the bottom is a jelly-like substance that helps cushion the spine against movement. The spine has two functions: to support the body and to protect nerves between the brain and the body

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This artwork showcases the intricate details of a cervical vertebra from the human spine. The print beautifully illustrates the complexity and functionality of this vital bone structure. In vibrant colors, we can observe the blood vessels depicted in red and blue, coursing through the vertebra, supplying nutrients to sustain its health. At the center of attention lies the spinal cord, portrayed in a striking yellow hue. This delicate bundle of nerves serves as a crucial link between our brain and body, transmitting signals that allow us to move and feel sensations. Surrounding it is a protective membrane called dura mater, represented by an ethereal blue tissue. The art piece also highlights another significant feature - muscles' attachment site known as spinous process located at the top of this cervical vertebra. It emphasizes how these bones work harmoniously with muscles to support our body's weight and facilitate movement. Furthermore, we cannot overlook the large disc-shaped cartilage at the bottom portion adorned in pale blue tones. This jelly-like substance acts as a cushion for our spine against sudden movements or impacts. Overall, this stunning print not only exemplifies artistic brilliance but also educates us about our own anatomy. It reminds us of both functions served by our spine: supporting our body's framework while safeguarding essential nerves connecting brain and body – truly an awe-inspiring masterpiece capturing science's wonders within artistry's realm.

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