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Artwork showing the history of our Universe

Artwork showing the history of our Universe

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Artwork showing the history of our Universe

Universe history. Artwork showing the history of the Universe, from its creation (Big Bang), to the present (upper right). Time began about 15 billion years ago when a huge explosion created all the universes mass at a single point (black). The uni- verse grew rapidly (inflation) in the first thous- and billionth of a second (widening yellow area). It then expanded more slowly and cooled, allowing nucleon particles (orange) to form at one hundred thousandth of a second. Some of these combined to form atomic nuclei at 100 seconds (dark orange) which then formed stars. At 300, 000 years (black) the universe became transparent to the background radiation left over from the Big Bang

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Artwk Big Bang Cosmology Universe

This artwork showcases the awe-inspiring history of our Universe, capturing its evolution from the moment of creation to the present day. The image begins with the monumental event known as the Big Bang, where an immense explosion birthed all matter in a single point, represented by a striking black center. As time unfolded over 15 billion years ago, the Universe experienced rapid expansion and growth, depicted by a widening yellow area symbolizing inflation. Gradually, this expansion slowed down while cooling occurred, allowing for nucleon particles to form at an astonishing one hundred thousandth of a second (depicted in vibrant orange). These particles then combined to create atomic nuclei (dark orange), which eventually gave rise to magnificent stars scattered throughout space. At around 300, 000 years after its inception (represented by black), an extraordinary transformation took place: the Universe became transparent to background radiation that remained from the initial Big Bang. This pivotal moment marked a significant milestone in cosmic history. Through this mesmerizing visual narrative created by Science Photo Library's talented artists and scientists alike, we are granted a glimpse into humanity's understanding of our vast cosmos. It serves as both a testament to human curiosity and scientific progress while igniting wonder within us about our place in this ever-expanding tapestry of existence.

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