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Colonic spasm, X-ray

Colonic spasm, X-ray

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Colonic spasm, X-ray

Colonic spasm. Double contrast coloured X-ray of a spasm in the large intestine (colon). The spasm is the narrowed area at left. This could be caused by irritable bowel syndrome. The spasm will be painful and cause constipation. A double contrast X-ray is obtained by introducing a solution of radio-opaque barium sulphate to the colon, which is then distended by air

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Barium Colon Colonic Constipation Contracting Contrast Medium Diagnosis Diagnostic Double Contrast Intestinal Irritable Bowel Syndrome Large Intestine Narrowed Radiography Spasm X Ray Machine Condition Constipated Disorder

This print from Science Photo Library showcases a fascinating medical condition known as colonic spasm. The double contrast colored X-ray reveals a narrowed area in the large intestine, indicating the presence of this uncomfortable and painful spasm. This particular ailment is often associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a disorder that can cause various digestive issues. The image vividly captures the complexity of the human body, showcasing how diagnostic tools like X-ray machines play a crucial role in healthcare. To obtain this detailed view, a solution containing radio-opaque barium sulfate is introduced into the colon, which is then expanded using air. This technique allows for enhanced visibility and accurate diagnosis. Colonic spasms can be debilitating for individuals affected by them, leading to constipation and significant discomfort. Understanding these conditions through visual representations like this photograph aids medical professionals in providing appropriate treatment options for patients suffering from IBS or related disorders. Science Photo Library continues to contribute valuable resources to the field of medicine through their extensive collection of images capturing diseases, conditions, and diagnostic procedures. Their dedication to scientific accuracy ensures that healthcare professionals have access to reliable visual references when studying or diagnosing various ailments affecting the human body.

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