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Coloured TEM of the measles virus

Coloured TEM of the measles virus

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Coloured TEM of the measles virus

Measles virus. Coloured transmission electron micrograph (negative stain) of a measles virus (of the morbillivirus group). The lipoprotein envelope of the virus is acquired from the host cells cytoplasmic membrane as the virus buds off from the cell surface. The envelope encloses the nucleocapsid: a helical structure consisting of a single-stranded RNA core (genetic material) surrounded by protein. Measles is highly infectious and mainly affects children, producing fever and rash. One attack usually gives life-long immunity. Magnification: x90, 000 at 6x4.5cm size

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Helical Measles Measles Virus Morbillivirus Nucleocapsid Nucleoprotein Paramyxoviridae Virion Virus

This print showcases the vibrant and intricate world of the measles virus. The coloured transmission electron micrograph reveals the mesmerizing details of this member of the morbillivirus group. As we delve into its structure, we discover that the virus acquires a lipoprotein envelope from the host cell's cytoplasmic membrane during its budding process. Enclosed within this envelope is the nucleocapsid, a helical structure composed of a single-stranded RNA core surrounded by protein. This genetic material plays a crucial role in orchestrating infection and replication within its host. Measles, known for its high infectivity, primarily affects children and manifests as fever and rash. However, it offers an intriguing twist: one attack typically grants lifelong immunity to those who survive it. The magnification level of x90,000 at 6x4.5cm size allows us to appreciate every minute detail captured in this image. It serves as a reminder not only of the beauty found within microscopic worlds but also highlights the importance of understanding viruses like measles to combat their impact on public health. This stunning photograph comes courtesy of Science Photo Library—a testament to their dedication in capturing scientific wonders while providing invaluable resources for educational purposes across various fields related to virology and beyond.

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