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Confocal microscope image of optical computer tape

Confocal microscope image of optical computer tape

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Confocal microscope image of optical computer tape

Optical storage tape surface. Confocal microscopy as a surface plot of a roll of plastic adhesive tape on which optical data has been written. Each hump is one bit of information. The information is written and read by a semiconductor laser. Focusing the laser onto specific points on the tape alters the refractive index (RI) of the tape at these points. Information such as images, sound and computer data can be stored on the tape. The laser has such a sharp focus that the tape does not have to be unwound. Photographed at Leica Microsystems, Heidelberg, Germany. Magnification: x3000 at 6x7cm size

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Computer Data Storage Data Storage Optical Store Surface Tape

This print showcases the intricate world of optical computer tape through the lens of a confocal microscope. The surface plot reveals a roll of plastic adhesive tape, which serves as a medium for storing vast amounts of optical data. Each tiny hump on the tape represents one crucial bit of information that can be written and read by a semiconductor laser. The remarkable precision of this technology is evident as the laser focuses onto specific points on the tape, altering its refractive index. This process allows for seamless storage of various forms of data such as images, sound, and computer files. What's truly astonishing is that this advanced laser has such an incredibly sharp focus that there is no need to unwind the tape during reading or writing operations. Photographed at Leica Microsystems in Heidelberg, Germany, this image captures both the scientific ingenuity and aesthetic beauty found within optical storage media. With a magnification level set at x3000 on a 6x7cm scale, it offers viewers an up-close glimpse into the future possibilities of data storage. Science Photo Library presents us with yet another stunning visual representation showcasing how cutting-edge technologies continue to revolutionize our ability to store and access information efficiently.

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