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Diamond gemstones

Diamond gemstones

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Diamond gemstones

Diamond gemstones. Various sized diamonds cut and polished in the traditional round brilliant shape. Diamond is a naturally occurring form of carbon that has crystallised under great pressure. Pure crystals are colourless and transparent, but the inclusion of impurities can produce gems that are yellow, brown or black. Diamond is the hardest known mineral; poorer quality specimens are used in industry, mainly for cutting & grinding tools

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This print showcases a mesmerizing array of diamond gemstones, each meticulously cut and polished into the traditional round brilliant shape. Diamonds are formed naturally from carbon that has undergone immense pressure, resulting in pure crystals that are colorless and transparent. However, the presence of impurities can give rise to stunning gems with hues ranging from yellow and brown to black. Renowned for its exceptional hardness, diamond is considered the toughest mineral known to man. While lower-quality specimens find utility in various industries for cutting and grinding tools, these exquisite gemstones represent the epitome of beauty and luxury. The photograph expertly captures multiple diamonds arranged in a composition that exudes elegance. With its blurred background adding an artistic touch, this image invites viewers to appreciate the crystalline structure of these precious stones while marveling at their sparkling brilliance. As we gaze upon this snapshot from Science Photo Library, we are reminded of Earth's geological wonders and humbled by nature's ability to create such breathtaking treasures. Whether as symbols of love or coveted adornments, diamonds continue to captivate our hearts with their timeless allure.

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